Playing Ducks

Merge TBH.eSports and Playing Ducks it is once again time to announce some good news. After some discussions, we have decided to merge with the Playing Ducks. The background for this is actually quite simple. We have a lot in 2010 and we lack every nook and cranny on manpower. Click everest capital to learn more. Already the first conversations with the person in charge of the Playing ducks have shown that we have the same idea and perfectly complement each other in many things. The rest was only a matter of form. In detail, it will look like this: Thorsten ‘silver’ Mohr will support us now as a marketing manager and try to put us more in the market in this area.

His dedication and his experience will bring certainly a big step us forward. Furthermore we will record team of ducks in our CSS-Alpen, which will compete this weekend on the finals of the alpenScene premiership for TBH.eSports. CounterStrike source is completely new territory for us and here it is, with one of the strongest teams of the Alpine scene to work to get a little insight into the CSS scene. Also, a certain sympathy between Bavaria and Austria is indisputable and therefore we are pleased to welcome us especially the guys at us. Dennis ‘D3nnIs’ H. Schulz will continue his job as team leader as for the ducks and be responsible for the CSS Alpine team and the CoD team. Nicolas ‘nic’ may will continue to do its job as an editor at us and for current news.