Dear God. Us beware of storms and wind and Germans who are abroad! Who wants to immigrate should inform himself about the country of his choice. Unfortunately, very few people do this and learning the local language is also waived, the catastrophe is inevitable. The “newcomers” set out traps to mutate after a short time also to trappers in the failed immigrants, tap. When newcomers I wonder why they came to Paraguay, I get same stereotyped responses! Because in Germany can – any longer because a there taxes eat up – because the workplace is no longer safe – because is treated by the State as an underage citizens – but not the question I asked this was because the bureaucracy choking the citizens – because the fuel is becoming increasingly expensive – etc etc unfortunately. I didn’t ask why they’ve gone from Germany, but why they should come to Paraguay.

After this release they are once speechless, then to go: well, here it is cheap, the sun shines while throughout the year, there are no restrictive regulations, there’s the driver’s license for a handful of Guaranies, you have to pay no taxes and at all, there are so many Germans, that will have his. “The name of our current President any of incoming people is common, not to mention by the Ministers. No one is interested in social issues or other concerns of the country. The living here for many years Germans are berated by the newcomers because they want to not always free of charge are available. Like, you have to work yet? Since you must what were doing wrong ha-ha-ha “at the latest after one year, the loudmouth-newcomer who initially threw the money just for the window, sounds (everything is) quite different so cheap here,.” Is great shit. The nasty scrap, get here is but entirely overpriced. The constant heat I’m on the spirit.

The Roads destroy my expensive car “.” What was the first exotic colorful and highly acceptable in initial holiday mood, turned into a nightmare in the course of time. The Paraguayan mentality is not seen through and certainly not accepted. Each set begins with in Germany is quite different “.” The euro slips into the basement. This has resulted in, you get less guaranies (local currency) for the conversion. Panic breaks out. What will you live on, if the money is spent? Who even knew that the private school for the children is so expensive, that attracts the fuel here whatsoever, that the slow Internet connection so horrendous costs, that the car must be constantly in the workshop, you can be so much money in the pubs (what should you do here anyway with his time!), that anything at all is quite different, than you had thought? What woman could have imagined that her husband turns out after 30 years of marriage and with a minimum of 25 years younger Paraguayerin bears witness to a child? What husband could have imagined that that his missus 25 years blows young Paraguayan bubble butt after 30 years together with one? Who could guess that just the people of the country are so sneaky, and bring a lousy tricks to your savings? Well, what else one, acting as well. One is after all to survive, no matter how. The next new”do. Nice friendly, you must be, others warn him, so that he will not start from the Angel. Circle and the Paraguayans ask themselves kopfschuttelnd once more, why all the Germans themselves are disputed are.