Now Think Of Christmas Art Christmas Tree –

Ideas for the perfect Christmas tree… Artificial Weihnachstsbaume hold in more and more households. Since the Christmas trees are always natural, more and more families use the not over-decorated, not guzzling and every year reusable trees at the best Festival of the year. After I for years just before the holidays the same Christmas madness “do with the perfect solution to my problem now I thought.” Always just before Christmas the same: I (mother of three children and working) SIC from supermarket to supermarket, look at the offered Christmas trees.Can bring me but despite the large supply of blue spruce, Northern man FIR and pine trees because of the really bad part quality simply not to buy a copy of such. But time is so very close to the Festival. Tina redwine has plenty of information regarding this issue. And a Christmas without a tree? Simply inconceivable for me and my children! And where I ended up so far almost every year visibly annoyed and just before the collapse? Exactly, right! Tree cutting in the forest near the forest farmers! But How to get to get home, after I had squeezed the prickly specimen of a native pine in my small car? Of course totally scratched, and saw I had cut myself last time even in the finger. So, so could and should it no longer go on. Because as a mother you have Christmas finally with several problems of this caliber to fight (mother-in-law, and I want this time not even start from the rest) I came across on the Internet (Funnily enough in the summer) on “Problem” my Oh yes trust me: an art Christmas tree! I used to think: so what is not in question.

This artificial stuff in the apartment. But there was a try for my various adventures of tree care”Finally I value pretty excited when the package when I arrived, was. And what can I say? I was totally thrilled! The art Christmas tree was beautiful! He looked absolutely real. Only more beautiful than the real and much more uniform! I had to really master, not to decorate the tree and set up in the living room.Finally, end August Julia Lorenz was only