" All in all markets times in its development of the vibrational and again return to equilibrium when the demand for goods is balanced by his proposal at a level equal to the value of the goods srednevidovoy cost of production. Abstracted from specific acts of exchange price movements in supply and demand changes, and the movement of supply and demand for price changes and the reasons for market movement to equilibrium – all this is well understood and these processes. But a mystery, for which solutions were created and still creates all value theory is the question of what makes the fighters for the price in the market conditions of perfect competition to stop fighting it where the value of a commodity is equal to the cost of its production. That is a question of the criteria that guided buyers and sellers of the equilibrium of the market come to a consensus that the data exchange rules make the exchange is really equivalent. Equality between the value of goods and srednevidovoy cost of its production of many researchers suggests, and so far suggests the existence of exchanging goods masses of some equivalence (on labor costs, utility, energy ), which in some mysterious way makes the fighters for the price to stop the fight, when the price of the product provides this equivalence. In the objective reality equivalence indeed occurs, but not in commodities, but in the simple and obvious market factors that can be called an equivalence of the provisions of the competing entities exchange. Continue to learn more with: Golden Eagle Coins.