We are really ignorant beings before the divine wisdom, where we make everything what it is made a mistake and with full conscience of the consequncias. If it found a light bulb magical where it left a genius and with right the three order, it would have that to think between some personal things that desire (money, beauty, many amoresssss, health, among others), but would enter in contradiction with my bigger feeling, that is of wanting a better world for all the ones that live in it and the ones that esto for coming. At last it would ask for ‘ ‘ wisdom stops the world, peace and equality social’ ‘ , there yes, for table with certainty it would obtain to reach my desires! Human being HOMO SAPIENS, since B.C. is egoistic, does not know to repass what it learned/discovered, only thinks about proper itself and that if it injures the remaining portion. But elese forgets that what we do not want for we cannot desire to the other. To think and to desire next what you who pra itself exactly. What if I attended in the TV since the turn of the year, is sad, and more still in knowing that we contribute so that everything got worse, garbage mountains in the rivers, entopindo the boeiros in the way them streets together with people who risk the life to arrive in house or to leave it!