Leaseback Sale

2 Financial restraints which we have generated with the acquisition of assets, we can release it to allocate the money obtained through these contracts to finance the current activity of the company, the acquisition of new equipment, without compromising the viability of the company therefore since we are still having all the productive elements of the same. 3. Likewise, in situations where the company is insolvent urge the corresponding request for bankruptcy before the judicial body and need funds for their restructuring. There are reasons why it resorts to the Sale and Leaseback: 1.-for the financial company that buys and then delivered in leasing the property prefers the Sale and Leaseback before the mortgage loan, because you get greater profit with fees charged by that obtained mortgage loan interests. In addition, the profit which perceives with the collection of the canons is not limited by usury laws that limit the rate of interest that can be perceived if granted a mortgage loan. You can also deduct depreciation expenses of the property taxes you have to pay on the amount of the royalties that perceives. 2.-The company saleswoman – tenant-, for its part, plus make a profit with the sale of the property and continue in the exploitation of the same, with the possibility of purchasing it again, can be deducted from the tax base the total amount of the royalties paid, whereas if it had funded its investment with a mortgage only had failed to deduct what you pay in interest on this loan.

Sale and Leaseback is directed to fixed assets of certain features, such as: 1.-Office buildings, hotels, corporate headquarters. 2. In the industry seek industrial properties of high strategic value, by its location and services available. The mediation of Mediatoris, can provide you with a Sale and Leaseback, between some societies of investment and certain financial institutions, advising on the drafting and interpretation of particular clauses and in the negotiation of the conditions of the same, seeking the reconciliation of interests between the tenant and leasing company. Request more information about of the sale and leaseback on our website.