The Proposed

This is called positive and negative self-acceptance. For example, I have – bright pronounced topographical cretinism. I understand this perfectly clear (and for orientation in space set myself a solid deuce), is well aware of my friends and I patiently draw routes, according to the turns, seeking for me landmarks, etc. Since my self-acceptance with a plus sign, I quietly take this and his other shortcomings and appreciate, and developing their own merits. Also knowing that by nature I'm an introvert, I often praise myself mentally in joke (my pretty) after a training or activities which are necessary skills and influence (extrovert skills). Seeing people who have a brain pereschelknulo, and his eyes reflected the inner state of "Company, here it is, that's what I Wait a'll do it! "I get confirmation that I is smart, interesting and professional enough to influence other people. Released serotonin, a normal mood, positive self-acceptance – all good people around – interesting, life is good. Change self-esteem and to rethink their place in the world around me, respectively, can make a very small opinion, I deliberately selected, group of people.

Looking at a person who has nothing at all in your head is not tilted after the training, I did not have long worried about my self-esteem and absolutely does not suffer. This right of every person in my circumstances, the proposed change or not to change something in their own self-tuning. I can not please everybody, and my attitude may not quite fit a lot of people.