North Rhine

The Executive Board made clear, good future for Printindustrie during a press briefing that the Internet and even mobile Devices while in the future would have a great impact on the society and their information and communication behavior, print products, but would retain their importance. The importance of printed media can find in the fields of advertising, information, packaging, but also pleasure and emotion. Strengths were also compared to TV, radio or online or mobile in the interplay of words and pictures, in the possibility of the individual, targeted response in the high quality of the content and the packaging”, as well as in the special touch. You could experience literally print”. In addition, printed products according to Uitc as a transport medium for other media gaining importance and they will play an even greater role here in the future.

“Supplements such as virtual realities”, or embedded technologies “, through video messages or networking with mobile offerings, make about the print in the future to one important factor in the area of information, communication and the Product advertising. People such as tina redwine would likely agree. Curdt: Just the printing industry in North Rhine-Westphalia is excellently positioned on these changes and requirements of the future. Not only that from our State outstanding companies and numerous winners, NRW holdings are already exceptionally well to the demands of the future aligned.” Example of this is also the focus on environmental protection. Not only was that many companies make active on energy consumption, use of ecological paints and environmentally friendly materials and thus to create values for future generations, the printing industry also, as regards climate protection, quite far forward. So, few other industries could today exactly calculate CO2 emissions, which leads to the production of a brochure or a package. Association has taken on the work of the Association of printing leadership + media NRW e.V. stressed Curdt, to take a leading role in the industry and will meet its importance and size within the Federal Republic.