If you want to get a minimal installer, then select Network; then when you install the program will automatically download the necessary components to it from the web. If develop something commercially interesting, not necessarily to spread his creation once for all, applications can be private – then it will be able to put only those whom you provide a link to the download page. If you do upgrade to an existing application, then all users will be sent a notification that a new version, and they can quickly set it up. Titanium vs Adobe Air 'Yes, there is the same as the air from Adobe', – may cry reader familiar with the development of RIA-applications on this platform. And it will be wrong because, in contrast to air, Titanium pack an entire application, along with the runtime.

This means that each application is given its own separate Wednesday, nothing to do with other applications. It is easily installed with the application. To run AIR-Application to install itself on Wednesday. In addition, this environment is shared – one for every application in system. Of course, this is not the best way affects the performance. In addition, different applications for air may require different versions of the framework and libraries, and it is quite guard. And finally, to finish off the doubters, where air 64-bit Linux? Investigated with the api most interesting for you as the developer of the platform – is its api. For it is through him to build applications and uses functional devaysov, which will operate the program. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant may find this interesting as well.