Pay Massage

Spoon thin method, help you quickly make hand face to face. More information is housed here: Mary Barra. Han a hand little face is the common goal of many women, but in thin body period, what kind of method is the most effective? To introduce to everybody to thin face with a spoon of method, zi xiu tang help you quickly achieve the purpose of thin face, you have come to see how should do it. Pay attention to matters: radian. Use spoon behind the radian to do facial massage, so that effective stimulating meridian, thin face more effective. Pay attention to matters: chilled. Use cups put on ice water, or with ice cube to go also, will be spoon into ice water in the water for a while, you also want to massage from ice blister the spoon continue. Pay attention to matters: the technique. With a spoon in facial massage, use hand holding the spoon at the end of the handle, and then gently Kda facial muscle.

1, cheek massage clean with warm water, facial wash dust face first, and then use the spoon back gently to dozen or so cheeks cheeks two muscle excitation. 2, zygomatic massage close my eyes, with ice around, focused on beating bone prominent blister the spoon to massage zygomatic position, strength does not want too big, avoid hurt. 3, chin massage in addition to use spoon cheeks to massage hammer, can also use the spoon back massage chin, mandibular, as long as from down to up to push and strips face muscles, stimulate lymph circulation can’t. 4, control massage with small spoon to massage breast control, from the ear hind the sternocleidomastoid downwards, dab to control inside, then along the control to both sides neck massage can.

Operation Notation

I drive method of the ball mill 1, before the operation, we must check all parts according to the the contents itemized, after confirming trouble-free, we can do the preparation drove. 2, first start the pump, check whether the lubrication oil flow and lubrication system points are normal or not (before and after the big watts whether oil, the oil is normal). 3, after the lubrication system backs to normal, we need to check whether block phenomenon or not exists (normal, Ball flip the inertial rotation around the ball mill). 4, on duty staff contact the full – time dispatchers, dispatchers send electrical contact to the substation. 5, invested the thyristor excitation regulator device, regulating voltage to 50V, 100A Current. 6 staff strictly confirm the permission to start signal before they starting positions. 7, confirm the permission of starting signal, move the control switch on the control box to the on position, start the ball mill operation.

II ball mill parking method 1. before stopping the ball mill, we should first stop feeding and close the Watergate. 2, park the mill after dealing with the Owers int the machine. 3 After the machine ore processing, move the control box on the control handle to the OFF position, and inform the dispatcher, the dispatcher to notify the substation power outage. 4, stop the pump before stopping run ball mill 5, stop the thyristor excitation device. III, ball mill operation notation 1, duo to the lubricant systems breaksdown, excitation device and other reasons, the mill stop working, the operator should first move control handle to the OFF position, then notify the relevant personnel for inspection, troubleshooting.

2. Check the entire mill according to the Ammeter, signal indication, half bearing lubrication and motor temperature rise these situations IV, ball mill emergency stop and its processing 1. We should first stop the machine when finding these followingsituations energency: (1) spoon head drop. (2) the feeder trough collide loud. (3) periodically larger sound for gearing out tooth (4) engine, reducer bearing section abrupt warming, and the temperature is higher than 80 C. 2. If the emergency appears stop, we should be notified immediately the ore feeding and spiral classifier feeding. 3, the main bearing temperature abrupt rise higher than 80 C, we should use oil to stop the mill NG, the water can be used to cool bearing outer when necessity, only when the temperature decrease can we stop machine for checking. 4, after the emergency stopping, all electrical switches should be moved to the parking position. Vibratory feeder: Cone crusher: