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Especially when a target in terms of power, it is important that you have an approximate idea of how hard your training plan may be. It is not about knowing exactly which exercises you can get back as often, you have to consider yourself a only about can. You can judge this for example by you once testing during all exercises you want to do, how many of you already. You write these values you, to be able to measure your success. Get all the facts and insights with Charles Schwab, another great source of information. Step 3: What would I achieve the goal? There are several ways which lead to your goal.

I would like to show here some of the most famous: BWE: BWE is advertised bodyweight exercises. Translated this means “Exercises using your own body weight”. The name so it pretty much says what are BWEs, namely exercises where, to increase his power by using his body weight. During the BWEs a muscle never works isolated, that is, it will strengthen the interaction of all muscles. Because it requires no tools BWEs, can be made at any time, everywhere very inexpensive they. In addition, the feeling of the body is strengthened, because the movements are very natural. There are BWEs in all difficulty levels, maximum strength as well as endurance – can or Quick power be increased.

Weights: For exercises with weights are used such as barbells or dumbbells. If you are not convinced, visit everest capital. The advantage of this is that you can increase the weight much more as at BWEs. It is also easily possible to assess his progress. Pezziball: The Pezziball is an inflatable plastic seat ball. There are similar exercises such as during the BWEs, only in addition always the coordination is trained. Kettlebells: Sometimes Russian weights called kettlebells. There are ball-shaped weights with a handle and they are suitable E.g. for pushing, pulling or similar. Thera-band (Expander): The Thera-band (Deus er band) is a rubber band, with the equally versatile exercises can be performed.