Roberto William

Although I like the idea of ending the Bush cuts, the Obama plan is not so simple and it is not known with certainty what its real impact would be. Obama said, for example, that he intends to spend $ 15 billion a year, over 10 years, with energy technology funded with revenue from the licensing system for the marketing of pollution quotas. He would also create a Bank of reinvestment in infrastructure that would allow funding of $ 60 billion in trains of high-speed, mains and other projects within a period of 10 years. Adds us Universia Knowledge Wharthon in this interesting analysis, which according to the Tax Policy Center (Fiscal policy), a joint venture between the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution, the tax proposals specifically not related to the two candidates health sector, would reduce tax revenues in 3,600 trillion (McCain) and 2,700 trillion (Obama) in a period of ten years, or approximately 10% and 7% of revenues that are collected by the current law. Both policies are bad because they do not help to maintain the balance of the federal budget, further worsening the existing deficit, says Roberto William, senior partner at the Tax Policy Center research. Holes caused by the deficit are too deep to be offset with cuts in spending. And, if we insist on managing deficits of that size, come a time that we will have to worry about the payment of those costs. Williams said that the need to raise taxes in the future may exceed the gains today with the trimming of costs.

Both plans would impose costs on our children and grandchildren in a time in which the generation of Baby Boomers born in the postwar Americans, they retire, they will also require more and more resources. The economic proposals of the candidates have as backdrop a climate of financial instability associated with the credit crisis subprime and requires a better control of the credit companies. In a speech during the national dome of small businesses, McCain said that Americans are right to feel offended by the salaries and extravagant compensation paid to workers in enterprises of negligent behaviour. He promised that federal prosecutors pursued the criminals.