Modern Mass Infotainment

Shows and events draw intelligent exhibition the right visitors at the exhibition stand. The article discusses the elements involved and design rules. In the last century a fair had to produce Infotainment of especially attention to the booth event or a fair. In the meantime, this marketing tool has further developed. It acts as effective measurable sales support, as emotional sales bridge.

In 2002 Mrs Kneisel examined the mechanisms of action of a trade fair in your thesis infotainment. She analyzed a trade show for a trade fair, which was developed by the former Kolb and Probst GbR. As a result they crystallized the requirements for an effective trade show: the memory capacity to the attention of the guests for events at the stand and the experienced correlates with the originality and differentiability of the show by other events. There must be a close connection between the content of the show and the exhibitor or its products. The central message must be at the heart of the show. The infotainment needs both the Include visitor as employees of the State. It follows that the trade show only benefit a sustainable, if the trade show provides in-depth information about the products of the exhibitor. This underlines also the result of current studies: these provide clear evidence that the visitors is interested mainly on information and not on any Hat players.

The trade show Infotainer must deal so great detail in advance with the products of the exhibitor. And the art is then not dry using the multi-page, but emotionally to present this information. So that all the senses of the guest are included and positively activates mirror neurons. Most refined works with show items that instantly evoke a positive Association in the minds of the guests. But in contrast to earlier is now the information in the Center and the show they anchored in the minds of the visitors. This is the an engineer or Carpenter a craft. Therefore, the customer may also a warranty on the performance of the artist or the Expect Agency. The most important point at a trade fair event is the inclusion of employees and visitors, because this creates the sales bridge. Thus, the first fear be removed and rebuilt confidence first. The easiest way this happens as a result that the exhibition event ends with a short product presentation located on the stand. If this is not possible the most important Prouktnutzen can be made by using a model illustrated. The success of an exhibition event or a fair show, you can measure the easiest way on the basis of the obtained leads. You will find an easy-to-implement idea in this article. The basic procedure, how you can develop yourself effective fair shows and events for your next trade show.