American Federal Reserve

For Warren Buffet, to rescue to the investment bank Bear Stearns was the correct decision. The American Federal Reserve injected to that financial organization million to him dollars to contain the financial crisis. Nevertheless, the richest man of the planet assures that the problem is of the banks, are the one who are the guilty and is not necessary to lie down it to anybody more. The industralist of 78 years considers that the slips of the American investment banks will take more to regulated stricter a financial norm and in the future. Also he speaks on the fiscal reductions of the great fortunes: My employees pay to a 33% of their rent and I, without advisers neither fiscal planning nor paradises, limiting to do what the Congress dictates to me, 17% . This tendency extends by the world.

In the last years, the benefits of the great companies have increased in a 70%, while the real pays of the workers are handicapped in a 4%. The images that the Katrina Hurricane left years ago reflect the injustice distributive, in some rich countries that they embrace the liberal cause but does not even apply in the days of crisis to maintain it their gains. In Spain, the speculators demand to the government rescues who them in the days of crisis, sometimes with the argument of which hundreds of thousands of uses will be lost if they do not do it. Thus they have done it many real estate ones that now is in bankruptcy. But the responsibility of the Governments is more in to have maintained political lax with the banks, that almost financed houses in their totality without knowing what they were buying, but knowing that many people were insolvent. The benefits lasted what they lasted with the complicity of the real estate ones that saw their pockets grow.