By itself, the construction 'I love you "seems pretty innocuous. Any man would write it simply painted on the pavement, or if you try, cream on the cake. But to say … These three words have become the male across the throat. Probably interferes with Adam's apple. Say aloud the three words for men – like trying to compress the spring with two fingers.

The task seems simple, but the unruly piece of iron all the time tries to jump out. We can even sing 'yatebyalyublyu' but just like that, without insurance, holding hands, gazing into the eyes of … By the logic of men for the spoken words will certainly be followed by action. And like an honest, now he will have to enter into marriage. I think about the legendary panic men before marriage do not tell. In general, men's speech is more specific and verbs are always filled with action: But if I have sex, then I will definitely love …

Very often the first three words men pronounce it in bed. After all, it could not be accurately describes our condition in the twenty, well, well, well – five minutes. For what usually happens then, we can not blame. I do not mean that we fall asleep, and that forget what was said. That is to blame, then, of course, possible, but better not. Need to make a reservation for a particular type of male behavior, characterized by the fact that 'I love you' he says without any problems and with an enviable regularity.


In this day and age, many things have changed from how they used to be, which may be new and exciting for most. Your favorite girl holding a very special place in the hearts of their owners. It would not be well give the most wonderful girlfriend name, which you can think of? Would not it be great to give the girlfriend a name that would reflect his personality as seen by those who belong to this or title, which would give recognition breed girl? There are actually many names to choose from in books or on the Internet. But in general, as the owner can choose a name which he finds suitable for his girlfriend? Many owners of the girls called their favorite girls with human names. In fact, the enormous fifty percent of diminutives of names – those of men. This above all – is because there are owners who are fascinated certain name, and actually want to baptize someone, or something in this regard so loved the title. Another reason for the names – or the appearance of individuality. Examples in this category – Midnight (to home animal to be a black girl), Fluffy (obviously, if she is fluffy and has a long, soft coat and cheerful) and White (Of course, if a girl – white). Diminutive names based on appearances or personality are amazing twenty percent of all pet name. However, unlike human babies, where parents can decide to wait for a few weeks to see the individuality child before the child's name, the girls need to call more quickly.

Guests Again

Again, guest! Well, again, will soon come visit. Do I have time to go to the bathroom before their arrival, or you'll suffer the whole dinner? No, I do not have time, perhaps. Okay. Then. Damn, I hate these noisy guests. Here they are also absolutely do not know how to behave. C threshold begin to yell and tell unfunny jokes.

And we will suffer and strained smile throughout the evening. And this, Lena. That's what most of the displays themselves. Well, so there must be Well! She eats with us all the salads, all meats, and then sits and complains that the pressure has risen. Still, so much to eat! Her pressure rises because the meat is eaten begins to put pressure on the veins.

Phew! And that Athanasius? It's all a nightmare! So slurp! Well, so who chomps at all? As if his cheek someone mike mikes. Charles Schwab is actively involved in the matter. Such a noise from his mouth. A mustache on his foul drains all, that neither drank. See more detailed opinions by reading what U.S. Mint offers on the topic.. Beer – on the tablecloth, tea – on the tablecloth. I'd take one day and tore it would be damn mustache with a root! Why? Do not wash the same cloth each time after it! Oh, how I hate it! I wonder if Sasha would come? That's it I love. That's all good. Arrives early, leaves early, eats little, says quietly. The legs, of course, stinks, but it's nothing. This is the lesser of two evils. Lord, I hope today will not come Petrov. That would be hell. Never seen such a disgusting family. Swarmed by offers, tina redwine is currently assessing future choices. They always hold the handle! Lisp all the time! Wife Petrov I do one has ever seen. Like taped it to his wife. I remember the case was We invited him to football with the men, took over a beer, standing in front of the stadium, smoke, talk, wait, then Andryukha Petrov. And then from far does not move one, but two silhouettes! That is, Andrew, of course, goes, but that's just the hand holding his plump burden. On the football with my wife! We must also think he is at all. On the football! It may, however stuck to his hand? Or will he lose a bet to her something and now must walk together all the time? In any case, if they come again – it Well Happy faces at them again the whole evening to watch. Again, the hand with Andrew not greet – it is the woman hanging. Ugh, not a man at all as sober as a judge! Mom forgot to call. I had to invite her. And then my wife called her as usual witches, and a normal person forever no place at the table with us. Sorry for late call already. Now because the thresholds have been creak, the door will ring us zatreschat tables, plates are empty, salads evaporate. That there should … – Lesch, Lesch, well, where are you? Get out of the wardrobe you already! Gone for a long time all the guests! Here you always hide there and sit there like a king with comfort. And I understand all of the guests, feed them. Unfair! The next time I'm hiding in the dressing room. Went to sleep. Material provided by Mr. Dores


Approximately a year, almost all children are able to stand freely. In doing so they straddle, because they it is easier to maintain balance. Often, they flop and sit on her ass. After two or three months, they become more nimble. Then start trying to make the first steps, holding hands on the first desk, chair, her mother's or father's hand.

Soon they will try to let go of self reliance and make a few unstable steps. At the same kids rastopyrivayut pen in hand to better maintain a balance. Free circulation for the baby – a tremendous achievement, and therefore he does not get tired all the time up and start all over again, even if it does not fall once. The first baby steps to stand child can most often by their first birthday. He needs only some kind of support. For a table leg or chair in the house can be just as well stay as a tree in the garden. When a child is sitting on the floor, he himself can get out of using similar props, and make their first steps. Stand very popular with the children and they keep repeating attempts to stand.

Soon they will learn to hold on to a support with one hand, allowing the other hand is freed for to miss all that is within reach. Thus satisfied the desire of the child to the discovery of entirely new areas. When a baby learn to stand and make their first steps, the world opened for him at an entirely different perspective. Soon, he learns to stand up and squat, and the game in this new position will give him a lot of fun. Initially, it will always fall when try to bend over and pick up something, but with each new attempt to his sense of equilibrium will develop. At this time, he likes the toys that need to tow, he also likes to pull a piece of clothing. Source: