The Universe

Therefore, you are going to start saving. And then he begins to show you your right. You have come unexpected expenses, to work suddenly cancel bonuses or thirteenth salary, you are stealing money and thousands of different options of how the universe will reflect your same beliefs about money. That is what happened during the test period. 8 out of 10 people spent far less money on seemingly unnecessary things, and when the month drew to a close, it seemed that here do they – the money saved. But almost always happened some unforeseen event which forced them to spend not only delayed 10%, but even at 10-30% more. The universe seemed to say to us: "Are you afraid that you do not have enough money? I will do everything possible so that you have not been disappointed in their beliefs. " And the universe certainly a reasonable question arose: "And what do you save money? For a rainy day? Ok, you will be a rainy day.

And not even one. " It is very important to realize that saving money, you will never be truly rich man. If you set aside each month of $ 100, how many years you need to buy your house, car, visit all interesting to you country? Considered? You can spend so much? When you start saving, you are admits to himself about that much money, they all will not be enough, so they need to save. And all your thought process to direct the thinking of various options for saving. This path is not in any way lead you to wealth.

Give Away Money

Any zavsegday the World Wide Web sites have seen giving out bonuses. Every nice to get some freebies. We’ll talk about something else. What is the downside. What to do if you want to give away money for free on its project, and whom to contact if you need it at all – giving away money for free? So, let’s understand: How to give out money for free? You can choose one of two decisions dealt bonus: their own or resorting to the help of a specialized project. Self issuing bonuses to install a project-php-script so properly configure it.

The script can be purchased or search the World Wide Web for nothing at all. For availability of free scripts I can not answer. Mandatory requirement of independent granting of bonuses – the existence of a personal certificate. For the distribution of money for free, use one of these projects: Wmcasher. Ru – Distribution of bonus at no cost! You insert the code and the system can give a random bonus 0, 01-0, 10 WMR once a day each. In return for your resource link will appear on wmcasher. Ru.

How does the SB-MONEY. RU – Starting bonus 0. 02 RUR, or 0. 002 USD. There is a single commission of 10%. There is a level Refcommission 5%, ie, if your referrals will earn a WMR, you get 0. 05 WMR Commission. On my own, I note many of the bonus will learn very quickly.


Countries that were in the bimetallic standard, often lost money due to the law of Gresham, in which poorly (abundant) money expels good (little) money. The opposite happens today in a monetary system that is not backed by gold, where the strong currency ejects the weak currency. So it is important that you understand the concept. Given that the terms of trade between the two metals was fixed officially, only abundant metal was used as money, taking out of circulation the more scarce metal. This is also the reason that when gold mine newly discovered in California and Australia entered the market in the 1850s, the value of gold fell. California was full of gold just after the 1849, however did not us Casa de Moneda.UU.

to mint coins. Nor were there enough currency circulating in California, so private currency houses came to offer their own currencies. Then, these private houses were accused circulating coinage degraded (deficient) made by the mixture of a metal base to reduce the amount of gold in the coin. This shot the price of France gold coins, which were guaranteed by the French Mint and lowered the value of U.S. gold coins.UU. The federal Government intervened to provide regulations and Government sanctions and the guarantee of purity.

Coin Coinage Act of 1864 was passed, which prohibited private currency houses to produce their own coins for circulation as legal currency. What does this for you as an operator of Forex? Today, the value of the currency is not based on gold or silver. It is based on the strength of the country which supports it. For this reason, you must be insistent to ignore scams that argue that small countries that emit a new currency are good speculation. A great example is Iraq. The Iraqi Central Bank has insurmountable problems. However, many people have removed millions of people buy new dinars notes Iraqis. NEVER buy directly coins directly by speculation. Stay focused on the larger commercial pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD and USD/CHF. Gresham’s law applies anywhere that a currency loses disapproval, because of the scandal, the civil war, financial collapse, and so on. Traders and businessmen fleeing the currency to make transactions with a stable currency.


This oscillator takes into account two exponential averages, and a third which acts on the first two. These stockings are called MACD by its initials in English (Moving Average converges Divergence) and Signal.The Signal line is the exponential average of the MACD line, and is used to try to determine a potential changes in the trend of the price of a currency pair in the short term. This oscillator is calculated by subtracting the moving average of 12 days for the price of a pair of currencies from its moving average of 26 days. The result is an indicator with values above or below zero. When the value of the MACD is above zero, is that the average of 12 days is greater than the average of 26 days. When this occurs the scenario is bullish because it shows that the current prices (average of 12 days) are higher than the above prices (average of 26 days). So there is a change of trend to the rise in prices. When the MACD is below zero, it means that the 12-day moving average is less than 26 days, which leads us to the conclusion opposite, i.e.

the most recent prices are lower than prices earlier or older and shows a change downward trend in the prices of currencies. In conclusion, the MACD line tells us how it evolves the price in the medium and long term, while the Signal line indicates the behavior of the MACD line in the very short term. The use of these two lines would be so: when the Signal line cutting line MACD from top to bottom this is a buying signal, when the Signal line cutting line MACD from bottom to top are facing a sale signal. This oscillator allows you to confirm that the trend will be bull or bassist. To conclude, we pointed out that oscillators as the RSI, Momentum or the crossing of averages, allow to detect a change in the trend with some degree of advance. The MACD has for its part the advantage of allowing confirm that the trend will have consistency in the medium and long term.


Yesterday crude fell 63 cents, reaching $53.60 per barrel, after recording maximums in this year at $54.83. We should remember that since the minimum at $32.40, the level lower in 2008, crude oil has picked up slowly. However, crude oil traded well below the highs recorded in the area of $147 during the month of July 2008. The global economic crisis has hurt demand for this commodity, and inventories are on the rise while the price of crude oil falls. However, latest economic publications have driven some optimism, and several analysts already speak of that you will notice a clear improvement for mid-2009 and is for this reason that they estimate that crude oil would be about $65 in the long term.

News technical EUR/USD pair has traded within a significant downtrend, and has reached the 1.3250. However, after three unsuccessful attempts to break the current levels, seems to be that the 1.3250 level will be reversal signal. Schedule chart, shows the IHR has already reached the 30 line, and now it is hinted a rise. Go long with stops would be the preferred strategy to follow. GBP/USD seems the Cable is ending its upward trend.

The daily chart with bands Bollinger shows that they have already reached the key points. Also the daily chart, shows the stochastic slow with a bearish hint. Go short with stops would be the preferred strategy to follow. The pair USD/JPY is located within a downtrend and is currently traded in the zone of the 98.10. Apparently the 97.90 level is a significant level of support. And if the pair managed to break that level of support, may have a new drop location. USD/CHF pair continued to suffer from volatility, and currently round the 1.1340. The 4 hours chart shows a bassist, and the hourly chart, training slow stochastic shows a possible downtrend. Go short with stops would be the preferred strategy to follow. The letter of the day oil in the daily chart shows a bullish formation. However, the rest of the indicators hint at a downward slope, and apparently will happen a correction. This phenomenon can be exploited by investors and thus enter the trend.

Famous British Pubs

Every day in the uk closed about 6 pubs. This is the worst figure in the history of the country – says the British Beer and Pub Association. So, for the year 2008 its doors closed in 1973 beer garden. For example, a couple of years ago, a day does not close more than one or two pubs. Today it is almost 10 times faster than in 2006, or 20 times faster than in 2005. Among the reasons is called a recession in the economy of the kingdom, the crisis and the laws by which the authorities 'Strangled' drinking establishments.

Authorities are preparing a new package of measures to combat alcohol. Thus, in the pubs of Britain are going to prohibit in the pubs of special events for the sale of alcoholic beverages. Among other prohibitions – proposed to cancel the tenders for drinking beer on the speed, reduce the size of cup and tighten the requirements for staff. Earlier, British pubs have become less popular because of the introduction in 2007 of a ban on smoking in their pomescheniyah.Po Experts Association of beer and pubs argue that over the past few years due to the closure of pubs in the country lost 44,000 jobs. If the present trend continues, the work in the near time to lose another 60 thousand people.

Congress Market

By news economics USD the recovery of the stock market and real estate market is detrimental to the dollar the U.S. currency yesterday continued its correction, given that the recovery of the stock market along with the economic publications that ended up surpassing expectations, drove many investors to invest in higher risk currencies. The EUR/USD pair was found under pressure during the day Japanese and European, and handed over during the greater part of the day. However, the pair failed to break the level of support in the area of the 1.3200, and subsequently reversed its trend. The appreciation of the couple came to pass when the stock market began to take profits.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 2.61%. In addition, the data published in the United States, namely, the Pending Home Sales managed to increase the appetite for risk. Figures that were unveiled exceeded by far the expectations, and several investors broke dollars accordingly. Is noteworthy that probably the fluctuations of yesterday They were exacerbated, since trading volume was low, especially for the holiday celebrated in Japan. It would be advisable to follow closely the evolution of the Aussie (AUD) and the zeelandic neo dollar (NZD).Two key events are expected for today.

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) will release the Non-Manufacturing PMI. This indicator is key to analyze the economic situation in general. It is estimated that the result will show an improvement over the previous publication. On the other hand, the Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke will give a speech on the Economic Outlook before the Economic Committee of the Congress. It can Bernanke emphasizing the economic improvement, and as a result the dollar may fall. It is estimated that the EUR/USD pair testeara the 1.3600 resistance zone during the day today. The euro EUR continues bullish correction the euro advanced during the last three trading sessions against the dollar.