Auto Service Audit Interesting Data

For drivers on a regular basis relevant nuances of having contact with technical support and repair of motor vehicles, and in addition to the large number of other such nuances. Moreover, because a significant number of cars in directly dependent on the brand vary significantly between each other, it's often the owners of cars are combined in specific communities, directly dependent on the brand new car. And since enjoyable way to create this kind of clubs in the grid web – it provides an opportunity to send and receive data is directly dependent on the geographical location of the immediate community member – then they often are in the online environment. Thus was born, and online club owners audi, which connects the Russian-speaking owners of the car from all over the world. It is possible to find a lot of important information relating to internal audit unit auto and various modifications of details of maintenance and repair, advice on minding the machine as a whole and its individual parts.

Moreover, there possible to find the most suitable for you car service for Audi cars, and in addition to figure out the point of view about it the other car owners. Since it is known that the main service – Masters in auto mechanics, and if you personally are looking for quality auto service audi, the literate only aim is just to the recommendations of other car owners. In addition, an online club for owners of Audi provides its own members and the probability personal communication, including – to sell and buy second-hand cars. Here you can view photos of various modifications and Audi, if you seek to acquire for more than a pretty version, which suits you best way. In this embodiment audiklub could be some kind of respected resources where you can find all without exception necessary reference to specific models of cars.

In this community, you will discover not only you are responsible for all the characteristics of cars, but also like-minded people who are always able to assist you recommendation. Audiklub – is also an opportunity to view a variety of unusual materials, with links to audi, and besides a long history of the company, latest news of the transport industry all over the world and numerous other. Buying a car, is always equal to the first persons of the trade sector. So even if you have not got own car audi, need to learn the material to make literate the final selection.

Truck Platform Design Features

Truck platform represents one of the most common groups of freight trucks. Platform truck is widely used in warehousing, in trade, in manufacturing plants, etc. There is large number of models of platform trolleys, each of which has its own design features appropriate to the needs of a sphere of use. Truck platform may have a different floor, which should be chosen based on the characteristics of the goods and specific use. Truck Lattice platform used for the transportation of oversized cargo. Platforms such carts are made of metal tubes round or square. Handcarts Lattice platforms differ little weight and ease of visual design, with almost no yielding on the strength of trucks with a solid flooring. Platform size trolley can be very diverse: from the smallest size up to a massive platform of nearly 2 m.

truck platform with a solid platform suitable for the carriage of any cargo, and lightweight platform truck, platform-c-lattice is useful for carriage of bulk cargo. Such warehouse truck platform – the best solution for the transport crates and boxes. Warehouse carts platform with sides suitable for carriage of bags or small boxes. A shopping cart for storage can be either solid or lattice. Truck platform, usually equipped with alloy wheels from a variety of materials: polyamide, polyurethane, rubber, etc. Wheel surface in contact with the floor covering is made of rubber or polyurethane. Wheel truck platform may be pivoted or orbital.

Type wheel truck platform should be chosen taking into account the specific use. Universal option is the combination of the two swivel and two orbital wheels. This truck has good stability and sufficient high maneuverability. A special type of platform trolleys are tiered carts. These trucks are used for appliances, tools. At tier trolley table can be set up special shelves to crockery fell from truck during transport.

Fort Cornwallis

In 1798, entirely covered by impenetrable jungle island became British trader Francis Light, and then began work on felling of trees and vines. The first explorers uninhabited island was supposed to as much land as they could for themselves clear. By the end of xviii century, the population of the island has reached 10 thousand people. Penang is a symbol of Penangsky bridge having a length of 13,5 km and built to connect the mainland and island part of the state. He was officially recognized as the third-longest bridge in the world.

In the capital, Georgetown, Penang excellent "get on" the most a variety of architectural styles. Be sure to see the first building on the island – Fort Cornwallis. Once it was made of wood, but in 1804 -05 years it was replaced by stone buildings. It is impossible not to draw attention to the Church of St. George, built in the xix century prisoners. At the entrance to it is a monument to Francis Light – the owner and pioneer of Penang. Of great interest are the unique temples of the island.

Among the most famous buildings Kek Lok-Si, Chayamangkalaram, the temple of the Goddess of Mercy. Penang, the only place in the world where you can see the Temple of the Serpent. On certain days, at his altar lay curled in a spiral the most that neither is live snakes. Disturbing the nerves of sight, but quite harmoniously fits into the overall exotic island. In the temple, Sri Mariamman collected many statues of Indian deities.


Of course, heavy and thick wool carpet large size cost is very expensive, and besides, I was simply not take with them to their homeland of such goods. So I politely asked the dealer to offer me something more modest. He apparently decided that I was concerned only in size but in any case not at the price, showed a great rug with floral patterns. I am happy nodded and asked how much it costs. What To my surprise, when the price of this rug was almost twice the previous price of a large carpet. Merchant was explained to me with patience adult explaining child well-known truth that a large a carpet woven in the machine, but one that smaller – hands of these masters, and one hundred percent of the strands of silk. Can you imagine: a man hand a few months wove the carpet! And not just weaving, and observed a complex ornamental flower pattern – this is a colossal effort! Sighing, I promised a trader, that will definitely be back for such a beautiful and valuable find.

At that we parted The next few days I skated with different sightseeing tours throughout the country. And of course, shopping took them far from last place. In the city of Fez, we visited the quarter of pottery and blacksmith shop. Hardworking hands of Moroccan artists is born is truly great product! Here you can find anything you want: the original pitchers, ashtrays, decorative dishes and tea sets, candelabra, chandeliers and many other cute little things that keep the traditions and culture of the east.

Minor Arcana

This article details the ideal way to approach the minor arcana of the tarot to begin to understand its mysteries and messages. Much has studied the symbolism contained in the twenty-two major arcana of the tarot. The traditional roll gypsy tarot, for example, only uses them for their predictions. In the minor arcana is known in trade for less, and some people confuse even these tarot cards in the deck with the Spanish, although most have two cards (14 in total) for each suit. And each card features illustrations that far removed from the traditional representation of Spanish playing cards. These illustrations of tarot cards may be, in the case of the minor arcana, the key to begin to approach them and unravel its mysteries. The major arcana, as we know, condensed representations, symbols and allegories of complex philosophical, mythical and religious. For the scholar, however, the elements that compose them are easily recognizable and attributable to a certain culture or cosmology.

Arcane is the case of VIII in the tarot Rider, The Force, which represents the lion goddess Cyrene beating that threatened his flock. Or the secret XX, Judgement, and Judgement Christian allegory. These tarot cards leave no other possible interpretation. The richness of his message is based more on its position among the letters of the cast and the client’s personal situation at that particular time. The minor arcana, however, tell as many stories as we want to find in them.

These tarot cards are, without doubt, the presence of symbolic elements, but the situations depicted in them have the meaning that the sensitivity of each consultant assigned to them. Who are these people? Why suffer or are alone? How have they achieved their wealth and prosperity? Is it toward or away from the cities that are drawn on the horizon? Will they be betrayed by those who accompany them or, conversely, have found the love she longed? There is no right or wrong answers for interpreting the message of these tarot cards. Therefore, stopping at each to try to discover what stories tell us and tell us how each of us in particular is the best way to approach them. To learn to know them and respect them.

Wrong Company

Achieved a similar result by 3.2-liter engine with a compression ratio 7,8:1, maximum 150 hp at 5000 rpm and 237 Nm at 4000 rpm. At all Wheels were drum brakes, servo, and the average fuel consumption per 100 km was 17 liters. But because of the ensuing drag big limos and related losses the company is on the verge of collapse. This the only case in the history of bmw, when the wrong was calculated the economic situation and thrown on the market for cars did not have the demand. Model refers to the 5-Series, bmw did not improve the situation in the 50's.

On the contrary, began to rapidly rising debt, decreased sales. To remedy this situation, the bank assisted the bmw and one of the largest shareholders of Daimler-Benz, has offered to establish factories in Munich production of a small and not very expensive car "Mercedes-Benz. Thereby to endanger the existence of the bmw as an independent company that produces original car with his name and trademark. Against the proposal made by an active minority shareholders and bmw dealerships throughout Germany. Joint efforts was collected amount of money it took to design and early release new model of "BMW" middle class, which was to significantly improve the company's position in the 60's. To restructure the capital, bmw can continue their activities. The third time the company is starting to again. Car of the middle class, as was supposed to be a family car for the "average" (not only) the Germans.

Family Wellbeing

When in our online store has a new great product, then, usually, I give it to his friends and relatives on different occasions. It happened with Sharpener for knives from our shop. First appeared in the store great sharpener for knives – Fish, and then even more remarkable Matrix. All friends and family, bestows sharpener knife Fish and Matrix, they were very satisfied, and, in turn, advised them to your friends. We always recommended sharpeners Fish and Matrix for our customers, because they allow only pair-three simple movements to visual sharpen a knife or even scissors. However, it found two friends who are Sharpener Fish and Matrix with mixed feelings. Here are the stories.

“” My friend Gleb – Jack of all trades. For several years he worked in the company of “Husband for an hour” – goes on the challenges and implement various minor repairs, to which the owners or are not reached, or with whom they can not cope on their own. Gleb two children and to earn more, he graduated from the job in the next house, the hostess always offers to sharpen knives and scissors. Sharpening a knife is the owners of 30 rubles. In one house Gleb hones an average of 4 to 7 knives. Previously, he was sharpening them with the wine press – a bar of rectangular shape. Looks like the work is not easy, sharpening a knife is not less than 3-4 minutes. Owners were not sorry to pay for this “difficult” work, on the contrary, they were happy.

When Hleb appeared Matrix, then thanks to its feature of the device, he began to sharpen knives better! But faster. When the owners see that knife to sharpen for 10-15 seconds, then it becomes a pity pay for this work to 30 rubles and they start to bargain, (My friend does not go “left.” “After your gift – fish knife sharpener, I could never unfaithful to his wife” – sadly, Boris told me during a joint family dinner. My eyes slowly crept over her forehead – I knew that we sell excellent sharpeners for knives fish, but that such a side effect! All present urgently wanted details. Boris explained that his wife – well-known surgeon in the city, often jokingly said that he was not even thinking about infidelity – in which case, it is one sweep of the scalpel to cut it all so to say too much. What Boris laughed it off – say, an athlete he is and yet it favorite would get the scalpel, he can far away, and then, you see, my wife and settle down. However, after the fish in their home, his wife became a self-sharpening knives with sharpener knife fish. All knives have become so sharp what a joke of their family has changed. Now its like to say that for the scalpel she would not be going, in which case the suit and a kitchen knife. That’s a little fish turned out to be the key to a happy family life! That they are still about secateurs do not know!