Religious Carmelite Nun

You come to see where It lay. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 28:5 and 6. ' ' To correct aid; to encourage, aid still more ' '. Johann Goethe Poet and German Writer IN 7 GALILIA IDE, fast and you say its Disciples who It revived of deceased and goes ahead of you for the Galilia; you will see there It.

It is I say as you. 8 E, leaving they hastily of the tomb, taken of fear and joy, had run anunci-Lo to the Disciples. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 28:7 and 8. ' ' Silence is the gentility of the pardon that if silences and waits tempo' '. Meimei – Spirit IT SAVES! 9 and here it is that it came JESUS to the meeting of them and said: It saves! they, coming close itself, had hugged the feet to it they had adored and It. 10 Then, JESUS said to them: You do not fear! IDE to inform my brothers who if direct to the Galilia and there me summer.

Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 28:9 and 10. ' ' Love not loved, nor known. Love, makes with that all loves you to the creatures, Amor' '. Saint Maria Madalena de Pazzi Religious Carmelite Nun of the Church Catholic USED MONEY BADLY 11 E, going they, here it is that some of the guard had been to the city and had counted to the main priests everything what occurs. 12 Congregating they in advice with the ancios, had given great addition of money to the soldiers, 13 recommending to them that they said: They had come of night the Disciples Of it they had stolen and it while we slept. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 28:11 the 13. If the guards really had slept in the hour of the work, would not remain livings creature, therefore this is the law of them.

A Dream

Karollin is a very sonhadora girl. Beyond all, it always wanted to make its party of 16, but its parents did not have money. In the other day Karol and its Isabela friend they were seeing TV when he announced: ‘ ‘ He orders its photo and the winner will have a super party with band RESTART! Most creative ganhar’ ‘. Karol and Isabela almost piraram and soon they had ordered the photo. But Karol was not very confident, therefore it spoke: ‘ ‘ Nobody gains this, is all scaffolding Would be very good ganhar.’ ‘ It passed one week and it arrived the day of the result. All the girls had been in the program that announced to know the result. The presenter twirled the box that was with the photos and finally it took off one.

‘ ‘ Who will be who will be ‘ ‘ It said. ‘ ‘ the winner is ‘ ‘ Karollin and Isa had been super anxious while also they saw the band who they more liked, RESTART. ‘ ‘ the winner is Amanda Rodrigues! ‘ ‘. Karol and Isa focaram sad and mainly Karol very. As soon as they were leaving the studio, without looking at pra front the two had given of face with the boys of the band They they had cried out, they cried and the Isa almost fainted.

Haha. Foot Lanza asked: ‘ ‘ Why you are crying? ‘ ‘ Karol answered: ‘ ‘ It is that type, I never had a party and I wanted to carry through my dream to make one and to have vocs in my party better went to be still imagines not, does not want nor to imagine. Good I am better to go even so before I am dreaming of new. It was good for seeing vocs! ‘ ‘ As soon as Karol and Isa were going even so they had heard an shout. ‘ ‘ Ei, waits ‘ ‘ It called them to Lanza it invited and them to go in the party with them. They nor had believed, had jumped in such a way of joy As soon as house finished the Karol party came pra and spoke ‘ ‘ Debtor for carrying through my dream I loved the party and I love vocs! ‘ ‘ Thus all had left happy. Karol with photos of the party, Isa with autographs of the boys of the band who it more loves in the world and happy them for helping a fan.

Divine Esencia First Part

You, like I, and as the majority of the human beings we take a belief very fast, a fashion, an other people’s idea, a behavior, but cost one hundred times more to remove that belief from our system of beliefs. If you want to have new results in your life, it is obvious that you must change to some beliefs of your life, and precise the beliefs that do not serve to you. He assumes that your desires are of natura divine, are divine, God he speaks by means of you, he speaks with your mouth. I say that, because an impressive amount of people feels like culprit if it wants something, that is to say, it wants something, because desire is something natural in the humans, but culprit by the mental programming of shortage feels has that it. God has created the human being according to its face and similarity. Meaning that you are a God in a physical body, you are of the same essence that God. You are a spirit, a spiritual being with human experience and not the other way around.

Due to the mental programming of shortage that we have from our childhood, when we perceived our desires of wealth, that are natural, legitimate, floods a feeling to us of culpability, tenth something like " Care, you are not goloso, you are not greedy, that you are going away to always burn for in hell " I do not know if you think of that way, but think thus and want in the same time to be rich, you are not going it to never be able, to be rich you must change the sooner that belief restrains that you in your way towards the wealth. Practical exercises: 1. If you think that the rich people are evil, who the money is bad, that the life is a fight, that stops to obtain something you have sacrificarte, that we have been born to suffer and that it you cannot have everything in this world you know a clearly mental programming of shortage, but at least you do not take the blame, is not fault yours, if it serves to you as something, million and million people in this world think equal, and by that reason they are not rich, but they are poor, but console with the idea that they are, at least noble.

New State

Thus the local elites had looked for to urbanizar the country without making a correlation with the transformation of the structures partners. One became essential, for we historians, the understanding of the reason of urbanism in Brazil looked for to create spaces for a modern society that not yet existed really. However, this can be explained through the customs of the life in Brazil during century XIX, in which the supplied individuals more tried to behave next possible to the European behavior, fruit of the contact of the Brazilians with the Europe in order to educate themselves or for other ends. This way of life bourgeois started to occur in same Brazil before industrialization, differentiating the urban population, not only economically, but also of one it forms cultural. This also could be understood from the analysis of the author of Sobrados and Mucambos, therefore it attempted against for the fact of that the europeizao and the social aburguesamento, stimulated for ideas that had had origin in a diverse social reality, arrived refracted, singularizando, since it did not have here nor a classic urbanization, nor a social group that could be considered as bourgeoisie, a time that the Brazilian society was only urbanizava and still she was marked for the escravismo.

Important to observe the development of the future decades that had contributed stops to strengthen the practical urbansticas in the country. Examples had been the impulsionamento of the New State in this process, as well as in the postwar period between 1946 and 1964, in the revolution civilian-military man, passing for the redemocratizao, at last, the national question was being retaken through intense quarrels throughout these years. Subjects of progress and modernity were generated in opposition to the subdesenvolvimento. Example of this can observe the inauguration of Brasilia, in 1960, that west propitiated a march it and the consequent territorial integration, excited heated debates that turned around the necessity of if spending as much money for its accomplishment and of arrojo of its modern and extremely advanced considered architecture.

Juan Alberto Pablo

He blinded it to the rage, he took a bottle from red that he had in the table he sent and it against first which was crossed it by the front. The red hit against the painting that Candle would take ruined, it totally. Pablo watched a last time the picture in the wall and he went away. Candle remained in the study watching the drops of red that chorreaban of their picture, was remainder the image in the linen cloth, no longer was sign some of the elephants nor of their moon, was only a great spot which saw. It was lamented and it was bothered when seeing that Pablo had cleared to him what he had flattered to him. The day she continued and she did as if nothing.

It is time totally limited itself to do his work, not even watched at the boy the eyes. She began to deal it with a great indifference. When leaving the Nocheln house, she was called on to him to happen through the florist’s of Juan Alberto. Candle trusted him, so it dared to comment that it had seen the picture him in the wall and that it seemed to see to him Mr. annoying Nocheln, more never said to him what really it happened.

He said to him that photo era of Lucrecia of Vienna, the unique and great love of Pablo Nocheln, the problem was that it did not want it although always she fomented the illusion in him, only played and enjoyed the fame and money that it owned. It deceived it with another man and it fled from the city with him, as a result of that Pablo it stopped believing in the women, said that all was equal and that never it would return to believe completely without information. Juan Alberto trusted Candle, for that reason there was counted everything to him.