By itself, the construction 'I love you "seems pretty innocuous. Any man would write it simply painted on the pavement, or if you try, cream on the cake. But to say … These three words have become the male across the throat. Probably interferes with Adam's apple. Say aloud the three words for men – like trying to compress the spring with two fingers.

The task seems simple, but the unruly piece of iron all the time tries to jump out. We can even sing 'yatebyalyublyu' but just like that, without insurance, holding hands, gazing into the eyes of … By the logic of men for the spoken words will certainly be followed by action. And like an honest, now he will have to enter into marriage. I think about the legendary panic men before marriage do not tell. In general, men's speech is more specific and verbs are always filled with action: But if I have sex, then I will definitely love …

Very often the first three words men pronounce it in bed. After all, it could not be accurately describes our condition in the twenty, well, well, well – five minutes. For what usually happens then, we can not blame. I do not mean that we fall asleep, and that forget what was said. That is to blame, then, of course, possible, but better not. Need to make a reservation for a particular type of male behavior, characterized by the fact that 'I love you' he says without any problems and with an enviable regularity.