ERP Companies

– Among the reasons for this: the inability to use it effectively to count cost of ownership, failure to understand that it enables the business process. " In this case there are positive aspects: the absence of excitement associated with it outsourcing services, enables regional customers to objectively assess their need for external it services, rather than follow fashion trends of the market and strive for the it mode. In general, according to Denis Matveev, regions are often more rational approach to working with outside companies for the exploitation of it infrastructure. Another view is held by the director of "tehnologic" (Novosibirsk) Oleg Kokorin. In his opinion the demand for it outsourcing market is continuously growing, while the proposal by qualified and competent companies are not keeping pace with this demand – many it companies are focused on Western market and do not consider the local market as deserving of attention. Recently, the trend to outsource services to make corporate e-mail and server administration. Most often, companies give it outsourcing is not the key to business projects. Separately are the development, implementation of software and technical support.

Currently, the most relevant types of it outsourcing are these directions – from support own previously developed and implemented software to install, configure, and further maintenance of third-party programs. In this sector providers of it solutions are much more willing to take up large long-term projects, which include marketing and analysis, and design and programming, and implementation of software and its continued support. And so on outsourcing more and more automation are given to various business processes, creation and implementation of crm, ERP-systems, which requires experienced analysts, programmers and managers who possess the necessary technology. Demand for them is very large, so it is unlikely that the company that decides to implement erp on its own, can find such professionals. "Creating the implementation team at the expense of enlarging their own IT-structure is simply not profitable. The development of such systems is the strength of a year or two, and after the system into operation a huge dying from lack of it department begins to simply ruin their employers "- argues Valentin Mayura. In addition, there is still reason to not trust their own staff development and introduction of heavy systems. A few months after launching the project the cost of maintenance and refinement of established professionals typically increases several times – this is due mainly to an increase in the level of competence and professional staff in proportion to the increasing demands on wages.


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