Adobe Photoshop Cover Commander

In this short article I want to once and for all clarify the issue about that – where better to do your virtual cover. When I first heard about virtual covers, I immediately thought – that they necessarily have any program that are happening and where all these wonders. After all, as it is – the food without salt … Then when I bought my first manual on the creation of artwork I found for myself that there is more involved and the king of all image editing software – Adobe Photoshop. Ie I first did three of the book cover (front – side – top) to Adobe and then poured well all the images in eCover Studio sculpted and nice carpet.

And then I found a web action scripts that are allowed to make carpet "is not moving away" from Photoshop – it has been given ready image in a certain angle with a certain reflection and shadow. Unfortunately, change the position from which to look at the carpet has been impossible, but the carpet has turned out so beautiful that you could put up with this little inconvenience, the more action-script writers choose the best version of the review. A carpet was produced in the editor, somehow unnatural, especially since there could not lift the top box (open up). And not only that! After do all rug from scratch in a special editor for this cloistered, just incredible! It is simply impossible! Think – to put the text, choose background, etc. Already scary thought! That's when I grasped for themselves and what to do really killer carpet can only collaborate all the editors. For me now it's: Adobe Photoshop Cover Commander eCover Studio Here are three really the coolest, and usability of tools that are worthy of praise and Granda.

After all, with their help we obtain masterpieces. Now you know what to do … C respect Karimzhanov Esen. Author of weekly electronic magazine – an obvious Photoshop lessons

Smartphone Htc Droid Merge

U.S. Cellular, Verizon appears to be ready to formally present to the world HTC DROID Merge (or Lexikon). The guys from Verizon began sending invitations to a party at which they announce the smartphone HTC DROID Merge, as well as re-HTC DROID Incredible. Many of you already know that the HTC DROID Merge is a simplified version of the HTC Desire Z. In DROID Merge roughly the same characteristics as that of the HTC Desire Z, but it does not have a unique Z-swivel mechanism, there is just a regular slider. On the software side, DROID Merge uses Android 2.2, but a preliminary review indicates that he is working on an older version of HTC Sense, also installed Microsoft Bing as the default search provider.

On the one hand, we are pleased that Verizon, after all, show the world HTC DROID Merge, we are equally intrigued by the fact that they again announce the HTC DROID Incredible. Incredible release failed, start at the end of last spring was unsuccessful because of problems with the display. Seems a bit strange that Verizon wanted to re-announcement of DROID Incredible, nearly seven months after its initial presentation. We hope to restart Incredible simply refers to the announcement of the HTC DROID Incredible HD. Why focus on an older receiver, when you have a new smartphone in your arsenal? We know that Verizon has is about to appear devices 4G LTE, so that is not easy to save money for the new smartphone right now, but Desire Z – one of the best QWERTY phone is already available. Verizon also has launched a Droid 2 Global, which has a 1.2 GHz processor, so it may be the best choice if you are looking for the fastest phone that money can buy.

Modern Possibilities

Man is so constituted that it is always necessary to communicate with him like. So over the last century while writing letters and sending them with carts, cabs and couriers to quickly gave way to rapid transmission of the same messages, and such communication is relayed initially called the Internet call (IRC). Then widely assumed notion of "chat", where they can communicate with two or more people. A variety of chat rooms, by any subjects and for different target audiences, come together in service chats. These services have their own administration, its software, moderators who take the order at the service. Everyone can create their own chat room, both free and paid.

With free design has its own nuances, such as advertising on the service, the restriction of certain functions. Buying the same chat provides its own advantages, and they may differ from one service from another. Of course, if you select the service to chat consider all these nuances, and most importantly need to know what it's done. In general, many owners to promote your website create a mini-chats, and what attract new visitors. But often, chat and advertising needs, or the most simple method by Internet, such as the posting and dissemination of information on forums, blogs, message boards, some doing a kind of run the service reference. Or you can use all her friends who are interested in the popularity of the site and chat in particular. To date, created quite friendly chat services, but in Many have a significant drawback – the engine of messages.