What Mallorca Holiday-makers In The Future Hotel Stars Expected

New hotel rating system in the Balearic Islands in the Balearic Islands is a new law for the assignment of hotel stars in force, adopted by Decree of the Government of the Balearic Islands. Accordingly, the hoteliers in the Balearic Islands are in the future required to evaluate your homes on the basis of the new classification of hotels. This provision applies also apartments, which however (clavos) are rated with stars (estrellas), but with nails. Six years are provided for the establishment of the new evaluation system. Charles Schwab gathered all the information. During this time, the operator of hotels and holiday locations have the task to evaluate your holdings on the basis of a total of 350 selected evaluation criteria. The scores thus obtained should be published on the Internet and be accompanied by an affidavit of the hoteliers, which the Balearic Island’s Government wants to increase the quality of the evaluation system. With the new law the Spanish island group is oriented towards EU standards, already used by some countries to the hotel classification.

Majorca hotels are also in the future with can advertise up to five stars for themselves. These houses can the addition of de gran lujo”(or particularly luxurious) get. Make (or excellent) earned hotels, who come to the new rating system on three or four stars, can the addition of superior”. A scale of one to four, with four nails of the best rating applies to apartments. Tourists with the revision to the review an old law will be abolished in the Balearic Islands benefits of the new regulations for Mallorca from 1967/68, which primarily made dependent on the star-classification of architectural standards. Now, numerous criteria, including amenities, recreational facilities and the quality of hotel facilities such as restaurant and bars, are to be incorporated in the assessment. The Spanish holiday region closer to EU standards, thus allows Mallorca tourists a better comparison. Mallorca-Last-Minute.com advises also to be guided at the time of booking not only of different rating systems.

Meaningful Knowledge of hotels offer current reviews of former holidaymakers, who can be found on the Internet on various platforms. Hotel classification in Europe throughout Europe there are different standards and criteria used to evaluate hotels. Under the patronage of the European Association of hospitality (HOTREC) was in the year 2009 the hotelstars Union in life. Several EU countries rely on this system to the review already. In addition to the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are the hotelstars Union since 2009 in the countries Czech Republic, Hungary and Sweden. Only in January 2011, three States of the Baltic were added with Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Spanish companies of the hotel and catering industry are organized into the Confederacion Espanola de Hoteles y Alojamientos Turisticos (CEHAT). The new law on the Balearic Islands is to make national school and is in many places as a pilot project for possible accession to the hotelstars Union analyzed. The Government stressed in particular the important contribution the new classification for the competitiveness of the hoteliers on the holiday islands of the Balearics bar. The General Services in the hospitality industry in the Balearic Islands will positively influenced with high quality standards and the required self-assessment.

Primosten Is Worth A Visit!

Finally, the summer holiday homes and holiday in Primosten – Croatia has begun! And already, one longs for Sun, sea and beach life! Many tourists drive or fly for this reason to the South. Who was already in Italy or Spain and the Ballermann holiday scared has the nose, should take into consideration to better meet Croatia. The island coast with its many swimming facilities and beautiful cities invites you to dream. All Aquarians and Meeresnixen find what you are looking for: A pleasant climate, water sports and Sun where the eye can see! Primosten was once an island, which today is connected by a bridge and a Causeway to the Mainland. The community of Primosten lies on the coastal road between Sibenek and split in Dalmatia. You from the tourism, fishing and the cultivation of wine consists of 6 villages and hamlets where about 3,000 inhabitants, and olives live.

A contemplative existence, that is transferred also to the tourists. 1.761 of the inhabitants live in the main town Primosten. As a guest you must of course somewhere set up their tents. But who has nothing on the hat with the camping and hotels to sterile “, come for a vacation home or a holiday apartment in Primosten in question. Anyone looking for a hotel, which should consult the Web. Tags such as Primosten cottage or apartment Primosten lead quickly to your destination.

On the respective Internet pages you will find all the information you need to make decisions. Whether it should be an apartment or a cottage in Primosten, depends on the needs. In both cases, you can be sure that it will lack a nothing. Through the existing and fully equipped kitchen you can cook times even what is. A vacation rental in Primosten is well suited for singles, as well as for small families. A holiday in Primosten offers families with several children enough space and freedom of development. Four-legged friends with their master are most welcome here!

Federal Holidays Act

Looking for dog friendly holiday accommodation is difficult, but now there is help. The man living with the dog for several thousand years. Scientists are not in agreement, whether for 15,000 or 100,000 years. The relationship between humans and dogs has changed drastically in recent decades. With the decline of agriculture (farmyard), classic sheep farm (herding) and the abolition of the nobility (lap dog) the dog has become, at least in Germany a valued family member. The society has changed in the last 60 years.

Was the exception before a holiday with the family more, so the awakening began with the Federal Holidays Act 1963 into a new era. In the sixties with their beetles, thousands swarmed to Italy to enjoy the Sun, beach and Italian specialties. No wonder, because instead of like in the fifties, where 12 days could take advantage of holidays per year and usually at home spent them, were now 24 days when salary available to the even contiguous use should and could. Dogs on holiday were time not an issue. Apart from some wealthy citizens of prosperity, which drove the Fifi in the Mercedes South, had the most ordinary citizens no dog, but children. The average family had no place for a four-legged friend.

The demographic development and urbanization led to an all maelichen transformation of society. The extended family, which was the social standard for centuries, disappeared with the advent of industrialisation and the decline of agricultural holdings. Families settled in the vicinity of the jobs, they lived in rented apartments, which were “particularly family-friendly” and thus for a couple with children place, offered rather than live as previously together on the Court, which fed the family. The dog lost also its historical places of work, only bullet guided dogs continue to be their traditional tasks, occasionally there are still herding dogs, the guard dog in use at the Police and the drug-sniffing dog has to do too good today.

Just Cheboksary

On the map were marked all the sights, museums address with phones running time and the interesting point. The time was noon, and, as the saying goes 'War-war, and the lunch schedule', right at the sign on the main street I turned to all the well-known fast-food diner, located in the heart of the city. Sitting at a table on a summer porch, beautiful view of the reservoir, a red square with 46-meter monument to Mother, prostrate their hands over the city. The monument was unveiled May 9, 2003, on a pedestal adorn these words: 'Blessed are my children, living in peace and love'. What can I say? Hot! But the bite was over, the car decided to leave the parking lot and continue inspection on foot. Interest in Cheboksary enough. This and the above mentioned memorial mother, and a local Arbat – Boulevard merchant Ephraim. By the way, Merchant Efremov very colorful personality.

About him in walking this story: As Procopius Efremov was one of the most famous and richest men in Cheboksary, he loved to work, first to reach the rank of merchant of the first Guild of Chuvash. But the man he was simple, and dressed not in style, but as an ordinary peasant. Once on the boat was sailing in first class. Richly dressed people were outraged that they went near a peasant. Someone even complained to the captain asking him to save them from society. At the next stop the captain announced: "Ladies and gentlemen! I ask you to leave the ship, Sir, Efremov, it was bought and then he wants to follow you no '… His photo can be seen in the National Museum and in this article.

Just Cheboksary is home to the world-famous kom.diva Chapaev. He is devoted to a museum and memorial. In general I visit the Chuvash National Museum (Red Square, D5) and, if possible, book a tour there, then we can get acquainted with the life of the people of Chuvashia, listen to folk songs and even touch the history of this region. If weather permits, you can stroll along the waterfront clicking on the pedestrian bridge, thrown over the bay. The bridge is just the thing to the Monument of the mother. Quay is a popular place for young people, with its beautiful view. Next to it is possible to reach the Holy Trinity Monastery (St. Konstantin Ivanov, D1) in the church of Our Lady was the first step is the image of St. Nicholas. This is a carved wooden image of St Nicholas of Mozhaisk, the icon height = 1.5 meters. With that linked a belief that if someone fool in front of that image, 'that on the third day the earth will'. Previously here led to the interrogation of criminals, and checking under the impression that things are resolved with the help of icons, without charge or trial. Yes … Many strange and mysterious land of Russian stores. Friends! I invite you to visit this fascinating corner, as correctly stated in the proverb: 'Better to see once than hear a hundred times. " Spirited you travel! See photos and read the original report can be in: Software-DOROZHKAM.RF