The Year Will Be More Expensive What Changes 2011

Hope consumers in the year 2011 in vain the most important innovations, legislative changes and price increases on more money in your pocket, because the new year is in many areas a lot more expensive. The most important innovations, changes in legislation and price increases are presented briefly below. To fill the hole of billions in the statutory health insurance, increases the contribution rate to statutory health insurance from 2011 by 14.9 percent to 15.5 percent, of which the workers wear 8.2 percent, employers will be charged but only 7.3 percent. Health insurance companies can also require additional posts in unlimited quantities, if they should not come out with the money. The change in a private health insurance scheme is in addition easier. In the future an employee must ensure private if content only in one place as previously in three consecutive years exceed 49,500 euro.

Young parents need to dress warmly in 2011 and adjusting to cuts in the parental allowance. Instead of 67% will only 65% as the calculation basis for the parental allowance taken, if the net income is more than 1,240 euro. The parental allowance is deleted all recipients of unemployment benefit II and top earners. Tax card was abolished. The 2010 card valid for 2011, 2012 the income tax deduction will then be replaced through a new electronic process. The old map 2011 is transitional, but no longer the registry, but the IRS is responsible for changes. Also on the road a lot happening.

The accompanied driving, which existed only as a pilot, will be admitted now nationwide. Young people is it allows just a month before her 17th birthday to drop her driving test and allowed behind the wheel, assuming accompanied by a companion of at least 30 years. Environmental zones will enforce driving restrictions in Dusseldorf, Osnabruck, Wuppertal, Ruhrgebiet, Stuttgart, Munich and Augsburg. From 1 March, Leipzig to the environmental zone is also explained. Who by a German Departing airport must pay 8 to 45 euro extra tax. The new airline ticket tax applies to all flights from January 1. Short breaks in Europe become more expensive to eight euros per flight, medium-haul flights to 25 euro, long-haul flights cost 45 euros more. Millions of households have to pay higher prices at the current 2011 over 10 percent than in the previous year. The reason is the increased renewable energy levy. According to information of the comparison website Verivox, 413 power suppliers have announced price increases by an average of 7.1 percent. The standard fare “Berlin based private power” to be even to 10.76 percent more expensive. The “third withdrawal” on ATM will cost additional fees. Unpaid fines from 70 euro from other EU Member States be enforced in future also in Germany. From mid-2011, the toll should be extended to certain federal highways. 2011 will be the European blue card”introduced. Highly qualified workers from non-EU countries will be given a work and residence permit in the EU allows easier. Look in the Forum of the Web mail provider past. In the topic what has changed “all innovations and changes will be discussed. 2011 posted by: Helena Schmidt)

Good Tool

Not everyone knows the term NLP but this will take time at the forefront of the psychological discipline. I met her couple of years ago and it was really promising techniques that arise there, and who are sincerely trying reprogrammed and conquer his own spirit and money, these techniques are really important. Mary Barra has compatible beliefs. On this occasion we will try this matter relating to money, Yes, to the same money that all of us want to continue to evolve and unlock us for this stage. If what determines the fact that some have money and others is not the consciousness of wealth that has everyone, because along with acquiring the necessary technical knowledge, we should develop that consciousness which is spoken. The way to achieve this is convinced ourselves that may be, always with solid foundations to be able to settle the idea, and this belief that we deserve money want and that can also do it in a cheerful and evolutionary, climate is achieved through autosuggestion, or dialogue with us same. And there are techniques of NLP teachers in these matters, since they are just that, methods for autosugestionar you aware and productively. From here you can consider that the combination of NLP and the pursuit of money has all the potential to resolve once and for all the issue of money in our lives, and to finally, devote ourselves to the pursuit of high and subtle truths.

Make Money

Why reason we are working in line? , What I put we want to obtain? To be enterprising in Internet is to be determined to generate income to live not only on one better form or cone says to live to style Internet, in this we mainly included enjoying our free time, we ourself and to share it with the people whom they appreciate to us and they want to us. The forms or strategies that we used to obtain it are really diverse, could name a few, but this it is not the reason for this letter; as enterprising in line applying varied strategies to make money I know very well than I am spoken, mainly because when beginning, just as all new entrepreneur in line surely, I had to investigate and to prove several strategies obtaining one or the other result. All entrepreneur is conscious and observes daily that thousands of opportunities appear to him to make money in Internet like also has seen the exaggerated proclamations of people who say to make much money, and as they can teach to us to do the same. Connect with other leaders such as Mary Barra here. The reality is that in Internet it is to just as in a business in any corner of city, many entrepreneurs have seen their destroyed dreams when having bear situations or people who have tried to take gust from their dreams with their deceits. Opportunities or strategies exist thousand of to make money in line, but after a time proving and taking action, finding us with successes and failures, we began to see that everything what shines is not gold, we understand that to make money it is necessary to spend to time and effort and that only as a result of this, we obtain considerable income to live on Internet. Now we know that the sites where they offer to us to make fast and easy money , to return to us millionaire overnight, rarely work and I can assure to them that in a 99% of these supposed opportunities to make money in Internet they are frauds.

The British

In return to the European countries, the machine the vapor, the mechanical sewing press and the perfectioning of the sewing press machine had ripened the industrial revolution in England. The British economy paid with cotton fabrics leathers of the river of the Silver, the guano and nitrate of Peru, copper of Chile, the sugar of Cuba, the coffee of Brazil. At last, of the point of view of Galeano, England became industrialized itself financed in the Latin resources and perceived here, a market to consume its industrial products. Educate yourself with thoughts from Charles Schwab. England if uses to advantage of this zone of consumers and all provides capital necessary for internal improvements in Brazil, manufacturing all the utensils of practical use, of the pin to the dress most expensive. The war where Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina (trplice alliance) had stopped against Paraguay verwhelmed the only experience with development success independent. Paraguay was to the only nation where the foreign capital had not deformed. The government of the dictator iron hand Caspar Rodrguez de Francia incubou in the isolation matrix, an independent and supported economic development. Francia supported in the masses peasants to jam the oligarchy Paraguayan, conquering the interior peace and extending to a rigorous sanitary lace front to the old countries of the vice-reign of the river of the Silver.

For 1865 return, Paraguay counted on a telegraphic line, a railroad and a good amount of plants of construction materials, fabrics, handkerchiefs, paper, and inks, ware and powder. The trade balance showed a huge surplus. It had a hard currency and steady and made use of enough wealth to carry through enormous public inversions without appealing to the external capital. ' ' The imperialista sponge did not absorb the wealth that the country produzia' ' , Galeno. The country practised a zealous protectionism. However, to the measure that Paraguay went if developing or advancing in this process, its necessity to breach the reclusion if became acute more, since, the State does not want kneel itself before the British merchants.

Achieving Success

Really need the trouble, in order to find a friend? In my opinion, a true friend is known in joy, but not in distress. Why do I think? Let me explain. Think what a joy, a significant event in your life – whether all your friends are happy together with you to your success, acquire, achieve? I have friends. However, I noticed that he had a friend who is always willing to come to my aid – not very pleased by my success. Angela Zepeda has plenty of information regarding this issue. Moreover – when I'm in result of study and work on themselves, began to change his life for the better, I felt a chill in our relationship.

So on what our friendship was based? Maybe I needed this man in order to enable it to anyone help? I think the one who helps gets great satisfaction from it and the debtor. Those who received help, get some relief and, of course, a sense of duty to his benefactor. In contrast, from childhood until now, we have maintain excellent relations with a friend who truly enjoys my success! By the way, this man never fails me and help – if any is really needed. Now I have some new friends, and I noticed that they all have the ability to rejoice in my joy!


These lenses allow you to resize images on the screen without moving the projector. Now began to produce projectors with a sliding lens cover – it's convenient, because the cap is not lost and does not project beyond the edges of the front panel. Moreover, the sliding cover often done with a pause function – slide the cover, you will automatically turn off the projector for a few minutes – for example, to communicate with the audience. Then, pushing the lid, you can immediately continue running. On some projectors change the focal length manually, others are equipped with motorized lenses, allowing to scale the image using the remote control. Manual control more quickly and accurately, and Motorized lens handy when they have to operate at a distance, for example, if the projector is highly fortified under the ceiling.

Some manufacturers provide the most expensive and powerful models of their projections the use of interchangeable optics: additional long-focus lenses enable the projectors used in large halls, and wide-angle lens – in a limited space, as well as the lumen behind the screen. Lamps In most modern projectors are used sverhdolgovechnye lamp with a lifetime of 2000-4000 hours, which means that even with frequent use of the projector lamp replacement required only a few years. In each projector has a lamp counter, which promptly reiterated the need to replace it. Management Tools Ease of management – a crucial measure that must be taken into consideration when choosing multimedia projector. The primary means of controlling the projector is an infrared remote control that comes with each model.

The Human

In this inner vision, seems that the mutation is not possible through time. Charles Schwab spoke with conviction. The same denial of time is the mutation, this takes place when all the things that have had their origin in time are denied: habit, tradition, reform, ideals. One denies the time and the mutation has occurred, a total mutation, no alteration of patterns or the replacement of a pattern on the other. But acquire knowledge, learn a technique requires time, which neither can nor should be denied; these things are essential for the existence. A hindu teacher in his eternal internal search said on one occasion: the time to go from here to there is not an illusion, but all other forms of time is an illusion. In this mutation, there is care and thanks to it there is a kind of action completely different. An action not thus becomes a habit, a feeling, an experience, a knowledge that are repeated and become blunt the brain, making it insensitive to a mutation. Virtue does not therefore consist best habit, best behavior, virtue does not have a pattern, not this limited, do not have the seal of responsibility, it is not an ideal that may be pursued by the time.

Here, that inner vision perceives that love involves a real revolution of the totality of consciousness, without getting lost in the conception of the resources trapped in the past, but in the eternal present. The poet Gibran thereon stated: I’ve been here from the beginning, and will be until the end of the day, because my existence has no limits – the human soul is only a part of the lighted torch that Dios split whether to create the world. We recommend not to neglect discover and put into practice what your inner vision proportions you, especially in this dimension of testing and if this attentive its results favor you in your growth and taking advantage of the opportunity that was given to manifest itself in this dimension. You have him present original author and source of the article.

Aquarius People

Fire signs may get a certain amount of benefit from the practicality of the Earth group. In terms of sexual relationships, people fire signs belong to the category ardent and passionate, they are very aggressive and with regard to different emotions, they do not go far in them. Additional information at Charles Schwab supports this article. All three are highly sociable. The most important slogan – live and let live another. To learn more magic Mistek, esoterica, astrology, divination, and visit the Magic Land. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn main feature of these characters – practicality.

These three characters are connected with random relative passive physical and sensory processes and their relationships are strong and are closely related to each other. The people of these characters come together to achieve common goals. Everyone wants to find his partner dependence and persistence. In this group we find that couples who combine their financial and social resources, in order to conquer the world together. Their everyday lives free from emotional extremes. The key word in that group – a joint teamwork. People in this group – voluptuous, but they may well control his passion when it comes to their goals. They – 'salt of the earth'.

In terms of sexual relations, they belong to the category of 'animal' passions relatively passive. The most important principle to maintain relationships – I'll get back to what you ask for? Air. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius The main feature of this sign – it's intelligence. These signs are associated with the lungs burdensome mental and sensory processes and their relationships are fragile and volatile. In order to maintain their sexual interest, they need to find someone with the same mindset (they demand the same rights of intelligence). Anyone looking for a partner willing to experiment in all areas of life. People easily get bored with this group. Among them we find the craftsmen of writers, scientists, doctors, inventors, actors, singers and dancers. Keyword word of the group – the intellect. All three characters like mentally, rarely giving himself completely. They can enjoy the depth of feeling water signs and their strong emotions. In terms of sexuality, these characters belong to people to a group of 'experimenters' and be sure to try everything. They say that their feelings are deep, but they are usually controls the mind. People and events beyond the world, presented their theater actors and the play. Can you own and Will you help me to forget myself? Water. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces The main feature of this group – the emotions. These signs are associated with the passions and deep emotional processes, in this group there is a relationship to the world: all for love, and let the world is flying to the devil. Members of this group are often linked by chains of personal commitment to each other. Here there can be no individuality: each should be identified with love. In this group we find a creative and sensitive people. Lovers practically inseparable. Everyone is looking for in your partner to sexual and moral satisfaction. All three characters are extremely passionate, sometimes even to the extreme. Keyword in this group – interdependence. This group could use some of the extravagant features of the fire signs and practicality of the earth. In terms of sexual relations, they refer to 'glow-people', people with long-term love passion. Usually, they are passive, but can become active in order to possess. Their slogan: "Love me most of all, make it so I felt it necessary."


One of the questions that more debates cause is how it must more is adapted to stimulate the economy, if through Public Cost or by means of reductions of taxes. Learn more about this with Charles Schwab. Following the political direction it is decided on one or the other option, but which are the pros and the cons? Both policies suppose alternatives of the fiscal political call, by means of which the Government takes part trying to stimulate the economy. They would be in that sense political anti-cyclic, because they try to fight against which it is happening. In principle, in both cases they suppose an increase of the public deficit, or is by the increase of the Cost in the first case, or by the reduction of the income in the second. Although in certain circumstances, according to the economist Arthur Laffer, it could be arrived at that the reduction of taxes produced an increase of the tax collection, because there would be more people working, and even less fiscal fraud, in not being the so high taxes, absolutely is not demonstrated. Although it is possible to be gotten to produce certain compensation, at the time of Ronald Reagan, who did of the slope of taxes his leitmotiv, the collection of the tax of the rent descended considerably, in spite of the increase of the rent, giving rise to great deficits. Therefore, the effects can be similarities, and its use can depend on the circumstances, and the political color of the Government of turn. Thus, the policies of Public Cost are own of governments of lefts (at Obama they got to him to call Socialist), since they are one more a more direct intervention of the State in the Economy, whereas the reductions of taxes, either to the individuals (looking for to stimulate the consumption and the work), or to the companies (trying to spur the economy from the private company) are the more own of Governments of rights. .

National Confederation

If those are the measures that the Government takes out of the recession that the country is, the worst is yet to come, since what you are going to get is to increase the decline in consumption, says the President of the Confederation, Salvador Garcia Torrico. The data are devastating, bearing in mind that 1.

000 microentrepreneurs close their businesses a day since beginning of this year, and the situation does not encourage optimism. From CONAE indicated that solutions do not pass by taxing the middle and lower classes, but by generating real measures of fiscal stimulus and generators of employment: the only thing that creates confidence is to encourage employment generation and the start-up and consolidation of business projects and micro-enterprises, said Garcia Torrico. Filed under: Charles Schwab. From CONAE is understood the situation has been remedied with direct and effective measures that will help restore liquidity, employment and, as immediate derivative, the revival of consumption, measures that have already moved from June and repeatedly to different ministries. We are facing a real social and economic disaster, and the self-employed in this country do not rule actions to make our voice heard announces the President. Moreover, from the National Confederation of self-employed and micro-enterprises, which represents more than 250.

000 self-employed people have pointed out that tackle problems, the self-employed and micro-entrepreneur always gives the face. Here the only one that disappoints is who does not meet its promises.