Pharmacy Management

In order to respond to the specific training that every day more demand in pharmacies one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country, Asefarma (), has launched the top course of specialists in management of pharmacies. Our commitment to this course is the make stronger in pharmacies worldwide. We are committed through the formation by changing the mindset and manage them with modernity, applying legal techniques and adequate and efficient, prosecutors as well as new technologies and management of purchasing and inventory management techniques, explains Carlos Garcia-Maurino, founder and CEO of Asefarma. The key to success so things, Asefarma summoned the holders of offices of Pharmacy and Bachelors of pharmacy that developed his professional career in the pharmacy to an attractive training offer in which, among other things, learn about techniques, methods and examples on how to manage the enterprise and how to combine the function of provision of health service in pharmacies with the necessary projection of business that must be taken. This course aims to provide the basis for a comprehensive management to pharmacists and practice of actions at the pharmacy. Integral, because it is not enough to care for one of the facets but that all must be known, analyzed and assumed. And practice, that emphasizes the real enlargement and the case study of knowledge within the complex daily reality, adds Garcia – Maurino.

For those interested in the upper course of management of pharmacy offices, Asefarma, here’s a summary: objectives u offer extensive training fiscal, economic, accounting, legal and business management applied to the Office of pharmacy, the pharmacist giving you the Foundation you need to manage properly pharmaceutical actions. u Practical application of knowledge to reach adequate planning, execution and control of the activities in community pharmacy. U module program accounting. That person linked to pharmacy or pharmacist has a clear and practical knowledge are balances, profit and loss account, basic seats, legal norms of accounting books or binding books u work module.