Carasana Bath Holdings GmbH

The Fitness Club ArenVita in the Caracalla Spa receives Caime & friends-new look & feel Caime & friends won a new customer in the premium lifestyle segment. Carasana bath holdings GmbH wants to completely revise the look & feel of fitness clubs ArenVita at the Caracalla baths, and repeated for the creative support of the Karlsruhe full service agency. Caime & friends prevailed with their ideas for the redesign of the brand identity including advertising campaign against several agencies. As the new creative agency, the Karlsruhe responsible for all communication measures for the Baden-Baden premium fitness club. The new appearance will be from August. Carasana bath holdings GmbH has opted for a pitch for a new agency: Caime & friends is responsible in the future for the creative and marketing measures for their fitness club ArenVita.

The exclusivity is at the heart of the realignment. While the integration of the ArenVita in the brand world of Carasana bath holdings GmbH is to be maintained. Caime & friends has convinced the customers with their ideas for high-quality brand communication and prevailed in the official pitch against the other agencies. ArenVita combines unique way fitness with wellness in a very attractive setting; for people who are looking for exclusivity and want to remain among themselves. As the new creative agency, we must raise the profile of the brand ArenVita. Inspire members as well as new customers. We use the human behind the brand to draw attention to the exclusivity of the fitness club”, explains Claudio Caime, Managing Director of Caime & friends, the communication strategy. In addition to the transformation of the external appearance, the Karlsruhe full-service agency takes over the implementation and control of all communication measures.