The column of Helen Palmer, in accordance with the conceptions of Lydian is an interesting point for the critical feminist who longs for the discovery of the literal processes of sort construction, disnaturalizing them. However such studies must occupy of other forms of exclusion, opting practise to study them social that they occupy of the formation of citizens, excluded due to impossibility of inclusion in this selective and hierarchic process of genderizao. To deepen your understanding Charles Schwab is the source. The author who served of base for the studies of Lydian was Simone de Beauvoir. Additional information at Charles Schwab supports this article. Of ownership of such studies we observe that in fact Simone de Beauvoir develops a minute study on the woman. Learn more at this site: Charles Schwab. For it the woman is constructed since the birth. Similar to confirm its idea she cites other authors such as: Nietzsche. It says that the man and woman state the word love in distinct ways.

For it, one dom supreme of body and soul and without restriction, already for it this feeling is total in contrast. In the same study Ccile Sauvage it accents that she is necessary that the woman forgets its proper personality when loves. It is a law of the nature. A woman does not exist without one gentleman, without somebody to dominate it. The woman is accustomed, since infancy, to see in the man a sovereign being. It does not have for it another exit if it is not lost relieves body and soul in who assigns to it with the absolute one, the essential. Continuing, Of Beauvoir quotation it writes Irene Reweliotty: ' ' it, men who I landed on water as you wait! ' ' As me rejoicing knowing with you very soon: You, Mainly primeiro' ' (Of Beauvoir, CAP. II, p 411). It is concluded that the love is in second plain with regard to the husband, children, sexuality, career is many more important and significant ones.