Fort Cornwallis

In 1798, entirely covered by impenetrable jungle island became British trader Francis Light, and then began work on felling of trees and vines. The first explorers uninhabited island was supposed to as much land as they could for themselves clear. By the end of xviii century, the population of the island has reached 10 thousand people. Penang is a symbol of Penangsky bridge having a length of 13,5 km and built to connect the mainland and island part of the state. He was officially recognized as the third-longest bridge in the world.

In the capital, Georgetown, Penang excellent "get on" the most a variety of architectural styles. Be sure to see the first building on the island – Fort Cornwallis. Once it was made of wood, but in 1804 -05 years it was replaced by stone buildings. It is impossible not to draw attention to the Church of St. George, built in the xix century prisoners. At the entrance to it is a monument to Francis Light – the owner and pioneer of Penang. Of great interest are the unique temples of the island.

Among the most famous buildings Kek Lok-Si, Chayamangkalaram, the temple of the Goddess of Mercy. Penang, the only place in the world where you can see the Temple of the Serpent. On certain days, at his altar lay curled in a spiral the most that neither is live snakes. Disturbing the nerves of sight, but quite harmoniously fits into the overall exotic island. In the temple, Sri Mariamman collected many statues of Indian deities.