Family Wellbeing

When in our online store has a new great product, then, usually, I give it to his friends and relatives on different occasions. It happened with Sharpener for knives from our shop. First appeared in the store great sharpener for knives – Fish, and then even more remarkable Matrix. All friends and family, bestows sharpener knife Fish and Matrix, they were very satisfied, and, in turn, advised them to your friends. We always recommended sharpeners Fish and Matrix for our customers, because they allow only pair-three simple movements to visual sharpen a knife or even scissors. However, it found two friends who are Sharpener Fish and Matrix with mixed feelings. Here are the stories.

“” My friend Gleb – Jack of all trades. For several years he worked in the company of “Husband for an hour” – goes on the challenges and implement various minor repairs, to which the owners or are not reached, or with whom they can not cope on their own. Gleb two children and to earn more, he graduated from the job in the next house, the hostess always offers to sharpen knives and scissors. Sharpening a knife is the owners of 30 rubles. In one house Gleb hones an average of 4 to 7 knives. Previously, he was sharpening them with the wine press – a bar of rectangular shape. Looks like the work is not easy, sharpening a knife is not less than 3-4 minutes. Owners were not sorry to pay for this “difficult” work, on the contrary, they were happy.

When Hleb appeared Matrix, then thanks to its feature of the device, he began to sharpen knives better! But faster. When the owners see that knife to sharpen for 10-15 seconds, then it becomes a pity pay for this work to 30 rubles and they start to bargain, (My friend does not go “left.” “After your gift – fish knife sharpener, I could never unfaithful to his wife” – sadly, Boris told me during a joint family dinner. My eyes slowly crept over her forehead – I knew that we sell excellent sharpeners for knives fish, but that such a side effect! All present urgently wanted details. Boris explained that his wife – well-known surgeon in the city, often jokingly said that he was not even thinking about infidelity – in which case, it is one sweep of the scalpel to cut it all so to say too much. What Boris laughed it off – say, an athlete he is and yet it favorite would get the scalpel, he can far away, and then, you see, my wife and settle down. However, after the fish in their home, his wife became a self-sharpening knives with sharpener knife fish. All knives have become so sharp what a joke of their family has changed. Now its like to say that for the scalpel she would not be going, in which case the suit and a kitchen knife. That’s a little fish turned out to be the key to a happy family life! That they are still about secateurs do not know!