The Universe

Therefore, you are going to start saving. And then he begins to show you your right. You have come unexpected expenses, to work suddenly cancel bonuses or thirteenth salary, you are stealing money and thousands of different options of how the universe will reflect your same beliefs about money. That is what happened during the test period. 8 out of 10 people spent far less money on seemingly unnecessary things, and when the month drew to a close, it seemed that here do they – the money saved. But almost always happened some unforeseen event which forced them to spend not only delayed 10%, but even at 10-30% more. The universe seemed to say to us: "Are you afraid that you do not have enough money? I will do everything possible so that you have not been disappointed in their beliefs. " And the universe certainly a reasonable question arose: "And what do you save money? For a rainy day? Ok, you will be a rainy day.

And not even one. " It is very important to realize that saving money, you will never be truly rich man. If you set aside each month of $ 100, how many years you need to buy your house, car, visit all interesting to you country? Considered? You can spend so much? When you start saving, you are admits to himself about that much money, they all will not be enough, so they need to save. And all your thought process to direct the thinking of various options for saving. This path is not in any way lead you to wealth.