Economic Crime

As much as I did in this situation, as here in this? What our relief images Asians? Try to understand. Max, Jean and Johnny – Detectives from the department of wiretapping. Their task is surveillance of a group of persons who are suspected of insider trading and fraudulent stock transactions. Day and night, they listens to the sound of headphones, keep track of every move in the office, followed by. They are on the right track, because one of the managers of the company every time something does in his office after hours. One day, when provoked talkative lover, he tells her that their company stock will rise in price tomorrow. You hear that? Startled? Do you want to rush to exchange the terminal and buy, buy, buy …. One of our Detectives flinch, and the information from the report disappeared.

The next day, the Bureau of Economic Crime found plums. To get it's POS screen of death: Trading suspended! Look at their face. Investigation begins. But one crime leads to the second, and the second – third. Noticed a difference between "Wall Street"? At this time, not white-collar workers make money off his knowledge, and people from the outside.

And in their place may each of us. Because of this, the film confirms that after four hours of viewing I still think about him. In my arsenal are not many films that stimulate reflection. Not just podkidyvayut provocative thoughts, and affect something in the depth or suggest an alternative, about whose existence I had no idea. In the movie "The tapping," one of the problems is a lie. We have seen her in almost Each scene of the film: the detectives lied to their bosses, lied to each other, ourselves, and trying to cash in on someone else's deception. One of the characters utters the phrase that I hear everywhere, and people from the faint of heart and pure in his hand: "If began to lie – lie to the end. " But guess what? The film is the flip side, which is close to my own understanding of the world. We hear about it from the lips of Mr. Ma, head of the company Yan Hau Tong: In business, if you made a mistake, then the must be recognized. And then you have to correct their mistakes. " Remove the word business and the meaning remains the same. In my opinion, excellent credo! In conclusion, almost none of the Hong Kong film is complete without a scene on the roof. And here: three stellar actors spend most of his life on a piece of land, around which some skyscrapers. PS: Some things are so comical that they should be cited. Aunty with a high-tech stock exchange refers to the deity: "I pray thee, protect me. Let the principal stock exchange players hoard their stocks. Suppose first that will allow us to sell ":) And if all goes well, the best way to solve all problems – to do the Asian way – jump out the window.