The Chantilly

It must take into account two things: only dresses in religious ceremonies (if the wedding is civil, the best is forgetting the mantle), and some label weddings (when dressed costume gala or chaque, groom). And finally, the colors. According to tradition, the white mantle, or ivory, only unmarried women wear it, and the black mantilla is reserved for married women if we are to adhere to the Protocol’s wedding. There are several types of tissues with which it is made. The most common are the lace, the chantilly and the tulle. Blonde lace is made with two types of silk (twisted and Matt to make the tulle from the bottom and bright and lasa for drawings), and is characterized by the reasons large floral type, especially by the edges with large waves, called damselfish tips. Given their great contrasts and the weight of it, is a great elegance, both to adapt to the white mantle as the black. Chantilly lace is so called because the origin of their manufacture was in this small French town.

Their designs are of a vegetable nature, and present abundance of leaves, flowers, gussets and Garland. The Chantilly is a more ethereal than the blonde lace, and is considered more elegant black mantle. The most common is the tulle, thin and transparent fabric of silk, yarn or cotton, which is often used to imitate the mantles of lace and chantilly. I hope that you’ve found the information you were looking about the use of the blanket for your wedding. At Charles Schwab you will find additional information. Feel free to leave me comments, questions or suggestions you may have. I personally answer them.

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