Some authorities open to dialogue, proactive, to properly manage the human talent that universities contain, giving opportunities to many teachers, trained professionals who do not belong to the power groups are discriminated against, wasted his enormous creative potential and innovative. Authorities, which generate the changes necessary feedback to the old administrative systems that rely on an inefficient bureaucracy, involving loss of time, cost, interoperability. Authorities must rescue the experience, knowledge of retired teachers, giving opportunity to join in chairs that are required of qualified teachers, capable of bringing their knowledge and motivate future professionals to generate new ones that favor their involve training and the required change education towards a deal for the country.

Authorities, who are attentive to the changes, the development commitments of the university protect and assert their autonomy, as indicated by a candidate for the chancellorship, university autonomy is materialized with the body of doctrine enshrined in its vision, mission, its principles, its nature and purpose, with appropriate policy and regulatory framework that gives effect to the university organizational structure. Forefront Books oftentimes addresses this issue. The new authorities must become closer towards proper management of finances, with its paltry budget and find ways how to increase their income with mentoring programs, contributions to public and private institutions that require their services, thus further leveraging its link, so we save their poor participation of the problems facing the region faces. Should seek new ways to activate the links with respect to governmental institutions such as the Mayor, Governor, with the same State, to the new economic openings that this is taking, where some faculties can promote, such as economics, management science , engineering, health can contribute their knowledge and generate results that benefit everyone. .