General Office

Its conduct must be sanctioned; the punitive hypothesis is updated, but also not only updates the constitutional hypothesis and legal, it is for that reason that attends the reason Hctor Murgua Lardizbal to reject with all authority this conduct that ignores the principles of moral ethics and political honesty, reason why Institutional the Revolutionary Party to him will have to formulate in the terms of articles 367, 368, 369 and 371 of the COFIPE, to initiate before the Electoral Federal Institute the sanctioning procedure and thus to avoid that those conducts of his illegal against candidates and avergonzantes parties different from are repeated which pronounces weak phrases and arguments and therefore. Martinez will have to be mentioned by the General Office of the judge advocate general of the Republic so that she hears herself to him in declaration and is exhibited to him like a simple slanderer difamador and, whose pretension is solely the protagonism that is to them characteristic to the leaders of National Action. Also, as they advance the electoral processes, they will get worse the attacks against the PRI and their candidates. We hope that the Electoral Federal Institute, like direct person in charge to watch the electoral process, makes its task and places to every one in the place that corresponds to him..

Juan Alberto Pablo

He blinded it to the rage, he took a bottle from red that he had in the table he sent and it against first which was crossed it by the front. The red hit against the painting that Candle would take ruined, it totally. Pablo watched a last time the picture in the wall and he went away. Candle remained in the study watching the drops of red that chorreaban of their picture, was remainder the image in the linen cloth, no longer was sign some of the elephants nor of their moon, was only a great spot which saw. It was lamented and it was bothered when seeing that Pablo had cleared to him what he had flattered to him. The day she continued and she did as if nothing.

It is time totally limited itself to do his work, not even watched at the boy the eyes. She began to deal it with a great indifference. When leaving the Nocheln house, she was called on to him to happen through the florist’s of Juan Alberto. Candle trusted him, so it dared to comment that it had seen the picture him in the wall and that it seemed to see to him Mr. annoying Nocheln, more never said to him what really it happened.

He said to him that photo era of Lucrecia of Vienna, the unique and great love of Pablo Nocheln, the problem was that it did not want it although always she fomented the illusion in him, only played and enjoyed the fame and money that it owned. It deceived it with another man and it fled from the city with him, as a result of that Pablo it stopped believing in the women, said that all was equal and that never it would return to believe completely without information. Juan Alberto trusted Candle, for that reason there was counted everything to him.