A Dream

Karollin is a very sonhadora girl. Beyond all, it always wanted to make its party of 16, but its parents did not have money. In the other day Karol and its Isabela friend they were seeing TV when he announced: ‘ ‘ He orders its photo and the winner will have a super party with band RESTART! Most creative ganhar’ ‘. Karol and Isabela almost piraram and soon they had ordered the photo. But Karol was not very confident, therefore it spoke: ‘ ‘ Nobody gains this, is all scaffolding Would be very good ganhar.’ ‘ It passed one week and it arrived the day of the result. All the girls had been in the program that announced to know the result. The presenter twirled the box that was with the photos and finally it took off one.

‘ ‘ Who will be who will be ‘ ‘ It said. ‘ ‘ the winner is ‘ ‘ Karollin and Isa had been super anxious while also they saw the band who they more liked, RESTART. ‘ ‘ the winner is Amanda Rodrigues! ‘ ‘. Karol and Isa focaram sad and mainly Karol very. As soon as they were leaving the studio, without looking at pra front the two had given of face with the boys of the band They they had cried out, they cried and the Isa almost fainted.

Haha. Foot Lanza asked: ‘ ‘ Why you are crying? ‘ ‘ Karol answered: ‘ ‘ It is that type, I never had a party and I wanted to carry through my dream to make one and to have vocs in my party better went to be still imagines not, does not want nor to imagine. Good I am better to go even so before I am dreaming of new. It was good for seeing vocs! ‘ ‘ As soon as Karol and Isa were going even so they had heard an shout. ‘ ‘ Ei, waits ‘ ‘ It called them to Lanza it invited and them to go in the party with them. They nor had believed, had jumped in such a way of joy As soon as house finished the Karol party came pra and spoke ‘ ‘ Debtor for carrying through my dream I loved the party and I love vocs! ‘ ‘ Thus all had left happy. Karol with photos of the party, Isa with autographs of the boys of the band who it more loves in the world and happy them for helping a fan.