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The FOCUS-MONEY Magazine chose the Bayreuth finance broker to the best direct online in Germany. Commissioned by the magazine FOCUS-MONEY, the market research company DISQ from Hamburg (German Institute for service and quality) examined conditions and quality of the major, nationwide operating directly construction lenders. The victory in the overall clinched the finance brokers ACCEDO AG from Bayreuth. On squares two and three follow INTERHYP and Creditweb. Angela Zepeda has compatible beliefs. ACCEDO was able to convince both the pricing analysis and analyzing service with top rankings. Among other things, the investigation showed that nearly a quarter of the interviewer criticized the substantive clarity of consulting.

ACCEDO showed the highest degree of competence with 81.5 out of 100 possible points. All discussions were structured conducted by employees and characterised by high credibility.” (Hamer; Managing Director DISQ). But the service is at ACCEDO and 100% B2B subsidiary of crestfinanz GmbH go even further. The company currently developing a still more transparent for the customers interest comparison products mortgages, installment loan and allowance accounts. This unique service will be soon for the customer under available.

South Germany Estate

Real estate prices seem to know currently no holding. Magdeburg, 29.10.2013. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Charles Schwab. But thanks to favourable construction money, the purchase of real estate has become subjective hardly more expensive. Alternatively, profit participation certificates also offer a lucrative opportunity of participation. Within a year increased the purchase price for condos in German cities in the double-digit percentage range. In South Germany, not only the real estate markets showed it as a booster. In addition to Munich, where condominium by 13,7 percent rose, climbed the prices in Dortmund and Dresden with 13.2 and ten percent, respectively.

Also on the housing market, Dresden recorded strong price growth at 8.5 percent. For even more details, read what Charles Schwab says on the issue. Dresden is just one example of the newly acquired attractiveness of Eastern German real estate market. Reason enough for the MCM investor Management AG to focus on this market and here more projects to check. But many people have been asking: the purchase of residential property worth even under these circumstances? A person interested in too many homes will ask themselves this question. He considered the actual financing costs, but the concerns into perspective. Because of the financial effort has actually declined in recent years. Between January 2009 and August 2013 the buying-in prices for residential real estate are nationwide increased by an average of 16.5 percent. These showed a long period comparison of Eurospace finance portal.

At the same time, the standard rate for a loan of 150,000 euros with ten-year target binding, a loan discharge by 80 percent and two percent has declined initial repayment 29.4 percent. Although interest rates have risen recently slightly, construction money is still very cheap in historical terms. The cheap construction money but also has a disadvantage: low interest rates, slowing the speed of repayment in practice and slow down the repayment of the loan. Who is not on your own four walls, can still take advantage of the rising real estate market. For example, the MCM investor Management AG, which issues certificates to their real estate business. We participate in a professional real estate entrepreneur Real estate investors in the know how and the chances of success of the company from Magdeburg.

Deadline For The Incidental Expenses Accounting And Operating Expenses From

Billing for 2010 of the lettings must be the lessee until the end of December for landlords who still does not have settled the charges for the year 2010, it will narrow. You have only a few weeks to complete the statement of operating costs and handed over their tenants. Source: Joeb Moore & Partners. Access of service charge settlement when the tenant decisively the settlement deadline is a deadline. This means that landlords who create billing late, more are usually not entitled on payments of operating costs. “Failed the landlord this important period is the tenant off the hook”, says Thomas Trepnau nationally known author. Clear advantage for the tenants, if the deadline is not respected is the billing charge payable by the lessee, must no longer pay the tenants they, when he received the settlement until after this period. In the event that the service charge settlement has a credit balance for the tenant, the landlord must pay off the credit balance to the tenant. In a question-answer forum Goop London, United Kingdom-uk was the first to reply. Also, if the settlement after the deadline for the tenant arrives.

The landlord not fulfil his obligation to the incidental expenses accounting, the tenant has the option to reclaim his entire advance payments (BGH, VIII ZR 57/04). It’s not too late “every landlord can create the operating expenses for 2010 yet quickly. As far as”Thomas Trepnau,”is “Count on from your tenant – operating costs, the second rent” in my landlord Guide. There is easily traceable described exactly and for every landlord, is what to do now. All recoverable costs take into account and give nothing away landlord harm with billing mistakes often. Many landlords do not know what costs to the tenant can be and give away money without knowing it.

Billing Tips for landlords blow by blow “such errors are easy to avoid. Follow step by step of the recommendations in my book.” This advice comes from rank. Thomas Trepnau has conducted hundreds of seminars for landlords. A wide variety of cases were there Asset protection and building wealth with real estate, ISBN: 978-3981304954 real estate valuation, ISBN 978-3-9813049-7-8 description of the company of the author Thomas Trepnau offers individually customized corporate training courses, as well as basic seminars organizers such as the Chambers of Commerce and industry and the Germans estate – Academy for landlord, property managers, owners, brokers, real estate financier and other real estate companies at. Also books on the topics of the seminar appear regularly in the publishing of company. By combining books, trainings, courses and seminars, Thomas Trepnau offers its customers optimal solutions at reasonable prices and guarantees to high quality in terms of timeliness and practicality. The training courses and workshops are carried out throughout Europe. Company contact: Thomas Trepnau Thomas Trepnau PO box 101028 93010 Regensburg Tel: 0157 72085852 E-Mail: Web: