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Deck construction should be capable of discharging any principal or subsidiary machinery of the engine room. To do this, shipbuilding should include, if you can not make the necessary cuts in the deck, which in the mine provides removable parts. Fuel reserves are located in the side and bottom, as well as high transverse cisterns (deep tanks). Keep heavy grades of fuel with a positive pour in Bottom tanks is not recommended. Tank fuel supply should be separated by cofferdams from residential, office and refrigerated rooms. Cofferdams also shared the tank of oil and fuel from the tanks of fresh water.

Tanks supply of oil, usually located outside the double bottom and separate them from the outer skin. In some cases, they carry loose to allow the descent of sludge. Example of the main engine of Defense – in Fig. 1. Requirements of the Register of the ussr. The basic requirements for ensuring the security service of installation, is to limit the distance between the machinery and equipment in the main Fig. 1. Placing the main engine in mo.

passages: the width of not less than 600 and not less than 2000 mm. Also sets the width of the space in front of electrical boards 800 (when the length of the shield less than 3 m) and 1000 mm (length of the shield 3 m). Passages of boards in width to be 600 and 800 mm. Space behind the shields should be fenced and equipped with doors. With a length of boards more than 3 m outputs of the space behind the shields should be placed at opposite ends. Piping over, and for shields is not allowed. For steam boilers the distance from the skin (surface insulation) to the walls of tanks of fuel and oil shall not be less than 600 mm. When placing the boilers in the intermediate Palu-bang or the space underneath the platform hedged coaming height of at least 200 mm. Basing and storm retention should allow thermal expansion. Placement of fuel under steam boilers are prohibited. The height of the second bottom to the shell of the boiler shall be not less than 750 mm. Fuel and oil tanks, as a rule, should not be placed on the bridges, the main machinery, boilers, vapor pipe and chimney of the power equipment and main machinery control position. Each spp should be equipped with various positions of management. Local control stations are placed in close proximity to machinery and other equipment taking into account ease of use. Depending on the type of installation, and its degree of automation in the spp may be in addition to local remote offices and the central control unit (CPU). cpa, as a rule, located in a separate soundproof room near the main engine and should provide opportunities for its review.