Rio De Janeiro

The support if has become a very important subject for the Planet Land in the last few decades. Goop gathered all the information. This interest for the support comes from the bad use of the natural resources as the water, the forests and the ground. The next generations need to acquire knowledge themselves of that it is only using in correct way and preserving the environmental resources it is that the life human being and of other beings livings creature will be possible in the future. Thus, we select 10 lies for an education for the support. It reads: The education for the support must start in house, with the example of the responsible parents and; The education for the support must pass for the community, that is, for the meetings of condominium, meetings of the church, meetings of quarter; The education for the support must continue in the schools, by means of specific lessons on the subject. For the ambient gravity where the Planet Land if finds, the support would have to be disciplines pertaining to school; The education for the support must be part of daily of the citizens.

Each citizen must be the professor of the other. If somebody discards a can in the soil, another one must collect the can and to deposit it knot correct garbage, in the metal garbage you recycle; The education it necessary support to be present in the media. The journalists and other formadores of opinion cannot lose the chance of speaking and commenting on it; The education for the support must be between the researchers. These must find ways and teach them in practical way for the communities; The education it necessary support to be part of the politics. Senators and members of the house of representatives must weave new laws that enclose the good use of the natural resources; The education for the support must be day to day part of the companies, is they the ones that possess the support in its roots, such as the companies of unstopping, or same the ones that the essence is the money, as is the banks; The education for the support must pass, still, for the sports. The Pantry of the World of Brazil and the Olimpadas of Rio De Janeiro promises to be a good example of as this can be possible; The education for the support must be divulged by people whom great influence has on the society, such as actors, actresses and personalities of the half esportivo, enterprise politician and, today the course of motivacional process hoffman illustrates a little of these forms. To speak on the support and to carry through practical actions, such as the elaboration and installation of social technologies of reaproveitamento of the water and use of the solar energy, to be in well simple examples, are a good way in the education of the next generations.