Standby Mode

Luminous remote control. Illuminated buttons make it easier to find and use the remote control, even in complete darkness. The glow comes from the natural luminescent material, so the batteries are not needed here. Soft Dry mode. This mode allows you to reduce the humidity and cool it slightly, not at the same time lowering the temperature too much, not to disrupt a healthy climate in the room. When the air conditioner starts to operate in this mode, it gently dries and cools the air until the temperature in the room did not go down by 1 degree of the setting.

After that, the fan automatically turns on and off every 6 minutes to prevent hypothermia. This feature is extremely convenient for use in regions with high humidity. Creating a personal air stream. You can combine the proposed scheme of vertical and horizontal control air flow as desired to create for themselves the most comfortable conditions. The remote control helps you easily perform this operation, even if you are at the opposite end of the room. Air flow, directed upwards and downwards -5 typical circuits + Auto.

Airflow directed to the right and left -5 typical circuits + Auto. Exchanger Blue Fin. The performance of the air conditioner to a large extent depend on the state of its exchanger, which are harmful to the salty air, wind, rain, dust and other factors that cause corrosion. Panasonic managed to triple the life of your heat exchanger by applying to them the original anti-corrosion coating. Thanks to this cover exchangers Panasonic are much longer than traditional models – and you will be able to for many more years to enjoy the comfort and receive additional savings from operation of your air conditioner. Test Function. If a fault occurs the unit will automatically diagnose the problem and display the corresponding alphanumeric code. This allows faster identify and correct the fault or damage to the air conditioner. Standby mode. At very low ambient temperature in the compressor oil can thicken because of what is usually a problem with the launch of the compressor. Standby Mode helps to eliminate this problem by sending current to the compressor to keep it in working condition, when the outside temperature drops below the 3 C As a result, the compressor starts easily even in the cold day. * If you prefer, you can disable this feature. Automatic restart. If the power supply is resumed after the interruption in the supply system, the device automatically restarts, and all specified settings are stored by the memory function. Thus, there is no need to re-do all the installation. In addition, prevents overloading the electrical circuit that could occur while inclusion of several blocks. All components are restarted after an arbitrarily selected time intervals, based on typical circuits. * This feature is not activated, if you set the timer or sleep. Removable washable cover. You it will be easy to keep clean the front air conditioner. It can be easily removed in one go and clean with plain water. Clean front panel increases the efficiency of the device, which in turn helps to save electricity. Maintenance of access through the top panel. The upper panel of the outdoor unit is easily removed, allowing you to quickly, easily and safely perform maintenance conditioner.