Servant People

A self-absorbed man is one who is deeply interested in himself. Imported only things like their appearance, your health, your money, your success, your entertainment. Falls into the trap of reading dozens of texts that supposedly tells you succeed in life. And at the same time the events of this world are indifferent. Apparently, the least that someone wanted to so is to serve others.

And does not realize that by their habits is the only thing that can happen. It not is forced to be a servile individual. Although in most cases unable to realize. After all it is too busy with his own person. But he cannot avoid the same real world that we all live. Others make and rolled back to her around. The world is changing all the time.

And the rest of humanity makes good and bad decisions. All issues that sooner or later end up constituting part of the mesmerized man’s life. The decisions and actions that one takes are conditioned by the environment. But due to apathy, these people leave that others are those who act on the world. While they stay all the time entertaining with strictly personal matters. They only think about their own development in their diet, in its exercises, your money, your security. Not realizing that other people are determining her life indirectly. The self-absorbed person not well known worldwide. You don’t know the history and you can barely locate on a map where is its own country. Anything claiming on their ancestors comes well. Ultimately she knows nothing about what happened before and not even cares. It is so surprisingly sold that ignores not only what happened in the past. Nor he knows almost nothing of what is happening right now in the world, perhaps not in their own nation. Especially external to it is easily deceived due to their ignorance. For this person, it is difficult to comment on anything other than herself. And it is therefore impossible that can guide others. Since nobody leaves was advised by someone you do not know the most important things. Its shortage of interests makes it prone to be manipulated. Simply put on the any threat and will yield. They also serve with the pledges and any trivial thing that pleases him personally. With any simplicity it can be pulled out of real activity. Already that these people not striking them things beyond a metre radius. In short, they use all their time to act on their own lives. And that is what explains that her personal story lacks importance. Some seek to stand out but do not succeed. Since only has real impact to the extent that the projects are also relevant for others. Study, learn, prepare, perfect yourself, take care of your personal interests. But you do not enajenes you from reality. That lifestyle has brought to collation for a reason. And it has been since it is valid not only characterize successful people. Since those goals is not achieved only chasing success, but also away from the failure.