The Properties

If you do not want to make the wrong choice colors, use two-colored spinner. Always on a fishing trip, you must have a set of spinners, with different color and type of movement. A place for casting from shore to choose judiciously. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from General Motors Company. You should begin with the posting lures along the shore, by cameos in the thickets of aquatic plants, drift wood, and hanging over the water by vegetation. Each casting must differ more profound lowering of the spoon to the bottom.

To do reeling after casting tackle to deliberately delay while, on the basis that the jig is lowered by about half a meter per second. For the uniform wiring should be aware that when casting upstream to spoon podmatyvat faster than casting the stream. Bite at predator on the spinning felt a sudden jerk. After such a push should be done immediately sweeps, apply the rod to the side or end of the hike it up. The fish must vyvazhivat quietly while holding the rod with inclined to the horizon about 45 degrees, using the properties of the spring-loaded line and whip.

Small fish drags a quick take-up reels and fishing line thrown out by the beach. If caught on a spinning large predator, it to tire: Tackle podmatyvayut gradually, in jerks fishing line on the brake is released and again podmatyvayut. This fish must be taken or podsachekom bagorikom. Catching a spinning from a boat is better, because the angler can closer to places that are inaccessible at throws from the shore. Advantages of the boat when it should be used to search for deep wells (which holds a large fish), explore the shore of islands, backwaters, scrub, wetlands and marshy areas. Even before the departure of the boat should be all prepared (zevnik, podsachek, replacement jig and sinker, extractor and other accessories). Approaching the place for fishing, boat launch more stern. Casts the easiest do on the leeward side. The methods of lures and reeling also have their own characteristics. If the coil to rotate uniformly, then the bait will move along an inclined from the bottom to the surface. The most successful is dash wiring when the lure during winding periodically raise the jerks who make at intervals of 3 – 4 seconds. Article "Catching on spinning 'and other articles about the secrets of fishing can be found at Online.