Phoenician History

To understand a bit more about the history of this city should I turn the Archaeological Museum and the Fuente Grande. The museum has large collection Hellenistic and Roman statues. However, Marcelo Fernando Castro cuandoa describes very well indicates that this quiet and beautiful city, is located well south of Italy on the Adriatic Sea coast and is characterized by its huge natural harbor that allows trade in the Mediterranean which of Phoenician is involved. It’s actually a pre-Roman city and conquered by the empire in the year 267 BC, interested in nothing but, precisely, the port that allowed him not only trade with the rest of the East but to control it. Throughout history we find that passed through the hands of the Goths and Byzantium after but if it is remembered in the contemporary world is to be chosen in the First World War as a base for allied troops in the Adriatic. Years of history have brought logically that an enormous amount of treasures patrimonialesa enter them in case anyone is interested in this Mediterranean city. The countless number of Roman columns trachea is located in Brindisi, all belonging to the first and second centuries BC and that definitivaa say what was the end of the famous Roman Via Appia.