Incredibly Exotic And Fruity

Australian Bush flower honey from Bihophar fascinated with unique taste fruity sweet, but at the same time also aromatic herb, and with intense exotic scent. The unique taste of new Australian Bush flowers honey from Bihophar is hard to describe. But, honey connoisseurs in raptures, if you try this unique specialty for the first time. The golden-yellow, liquid honey comes from so-called Leatherwood trees from the virgin forests of Australia. With its intense flavor, these Bihophar speciality brings a new note on the breakfast table. And chefs love to use the exceptional Bush flowers honey to give special seasoning savory and sweet dishes. Further informations under (742 characters) only in Australia at home: the Leatherwood tree with the Australian Bush flowers honey Bihophar honey kennern a selected specialty offers, which was hitherto little known.

This so-called Leatherwood honey is in the Australian rain forests of up Tasmanian licence Elm harvested to 25 meters high. In early summer the white flowers of the tree exude a heady scent and thus attract bees. From the Leatherwood nectar collected by them is an intensive sweet, gold to dark yellow honey. The “Australian Bush flowers honey” by Bihophar is now available in the trade. The MSRP for the 500 g glass 4.49 euros.

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Good Milk

The past belongs to in many places, the Idyll of the village, which it bought in a nearby. Today to buy everything the heart desires in the wider environment, and from a global range. Lost can however close to the producer, the traceability of origin, feed and processing, healthy regional circuits and an important social structure. That there is another way to prove people in our region who want to process their products useful, revisit holdings, which may reflect on their origins and traditions. The network our country could win two such partners new. They receive fair existence-securing prices for their products. From the barn to food, the farmers calculate this price itself.

With dedication and passion, they process the milk from their cows to high-quality food for the region. Milk – only tastes it the cows, then the people of the farm by Josef and Regine Westenrieder is situated in the picturesque Rathmines in the WEILHEIM SCHONGAUER country. Together with son of Andreas the couple would like to economy sustainable, environmentally friendly and in own living environment. The result of this claim is milk! Around 40 dairy cows of the family enjoy the spout on the pastures of the grasslands of 35 hectares, belonging to the Court in the summer. There, they pluck fresh grass with all his herbs. In winter they eat hay from the own pastures, supplemented by regional, mineral nutrient-rich grain diet without genetic engineering ‘. Silage, so fermented food, avoided family Westenrieder. With this traditional attitude in its original form, the operation meets all the requirements for the Hay milk production.

This milk is characterised by very special advantages. It is of very good taste, contains a high proportion of valuable nutrients and promotes biodiversity through the year-round of the meadows. The way of the milk up to the Hay milk yogurt is just 30 meters.