It was a cow. Not a special cow, only one good white cow of black spots and enormous shining eyes. It chewed without haste some green canudos of capim cool, that they emanated a light one I smell of clorofila. The sun esquentava its coasts, and it would perceive this if it had some conscience, but it did not have. The focus of its then called ' ' ateno' ' , due to more accurate terms, it was a block of abandoned engine.

Its black eyes reflected the metal body, that had a ugly tone of black mixed ash and rust, since that was there made a good time. It breathed slowly, it was bent down, it torn a new portion of food of the soil and came back to face the object. Times behind, this same cow was the biggest joy of a family. The father, after the consuming of one day of work, quickly walked until the center of the village, five currencies accumulated in its callous hands. He felt a tip of joy in its chest, finally would bring some type of progress for the life of its needy family, so equal to as much others. The money gotten with the work generally he was used to feed seven mouths, that lived hungry. They would be eight if the youngest son had avenged, and the man asked if to the times, at its rare moments of reflection, if this really had been a bad thing. Feeling the sweat sprouting in its forehead, finally its destination arrived, to the arquejos.

Caixote saw one gentleman seated in one wooden, holding three ropes, each one moored flabbily in the neck of three almost esquelticas cows, two threshed and one brown. How much it wants for the cows, asked the Mr. who seemed to cochilar, two gold currencies for each one, answered the other with a cracked voice.