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The ZDF broadcast on the 7.2.2008 in the show “ZDF reporter” a post about the tricks of astrology and Tarot of lines out. In the TV show ZDF “industry was reported on February 7, 2008 the tricks of esotericism and astrology reporter. The business of the prophets”, as it was known in the broadcast, produced annually million profits. Shopping with Astrolines and Tarot reader, the company Questico was portrayed in the post, made a turnover of 60 million euro in the year 2006 alone. But this comes at the cost of people who rely on the predictions of the consultants and industry experts. These are people with supposedly psychic abilities.

But a psychologist found that the scam is always the same: the callers only this is told basically, what they would like to hear. As an example, a woman was top 40, who was lonely and wanted a partner. She turned to an Astroline. There they told what they wanted with all my heart, you namely that they soon a man meet would and that within 12 months. The wife invested around 4000 euro in the line subsequently because she fell into a real dependency.

Always, she wanted to inform themselves about the latest developments, wanted to know the details of the promised partner and the time. This went so far that she made no decision more without their psychics or astrology. She was in a complete subordination. Because there was not the promised partner, has lost not only money, but also their confidence and is today in psychological treatment, to get away from their addiction. Just in case has let block all phone numbers, which had led them back to the Astroline. This is not an isolated case. The procedure is always the same: the first call is free of charge. There is then tries to put the caller on the taste. Further talks with beat up to 2.24 per minute to beech. Those people who ran up debts of 10-2000 euro in this way are not uncommon. The broadcast was Chairman of the Board Company Questico, Kirsty Babbage, interviewed. He acknowledged that he never take the help of his advisers claim for his company. Babs is a pure numbers person who pays attention only to the profit. “It is not for nothing in the terms and conditions of the company: Questico is not the accuracy, nor for the quality of the granted information”. Typical callers are women, 40 years, alone. In the consultations, then played with the hopes of these people, will give them as a new partner in Vista provided. Often, the financial loss is not the biggest problem. Most are those due to the disappointment about the not statements previously devastated, and need psychological help. Therefore, it is recommended to call the Telekom and make sure to lock the area codes 0900 and 0137. Who already has become an addiction, you should take professional advice.

Clairvoyance Online At Astro Star With Gino

The Prophet Gino reinforced the team of consultants by Astro star specializing in personal and individual counseling through Tarot, clairvoyance, divination and other esoteric methods star the Astro consultant portal, has once again expanded its team of consultants. The name of the newest consultant is Gino, whose specialties are especially the clairvoyance online, as well as some areas of parapsychology. Gino interested since his 32nd year of life for some areas of psychology and finally came to the occult through detours. Gino worked several years as a psychic, and esoteric advisors in his private family and circle of friends and wants now to provide his skills on ASTRO star of also other interested parties seeking advice. Proud Gino is qualities and his natural way on his abilities to solve problems quickly and effectively, as well as on his listeners. Source: Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. Gino for his vocation and through his years of experience as a life consultant in the areas of clairvoyance and parapsychology, Gino knows exactly how important it is to get quick and competent help of the expertise of the Prophet Gino form above all the areas of life love, partnership, trade and finance. You may want to visit Charles Schwab to increase your knowledge.

Gino is but of course also prepared to support his callers seeking advice in other areas of life and to find solutions for any problems or questions. The only area in which Gino offers no advice is that the seeking of advice better turn in this case to a trained physician health, since he is of the opinion. In addition to the clairvoyance and the above advice topics, Gino specializes in even discussions on bullying. Together with the person seeking advice, he first analyzes the main bullying factors (E.g. Who bullies the people seeking advice and in what form? (How and where takes place the bullying?, etc.) then to find an appropriate solution to bullying attacks in the future no longer occur. Gino will be star 20 hours a week on ASTRO for about 15 for his callers seeking advice. If he cannot accessible should be, can of course also a callback on ASTRO star be agreed.