Ingo Stoll

Sustainable and individually produced In accordance with the principle of mass customization the company combines unique design objects, the cost benefits of a series production efficiently with the possibilities of a product customization according to customer requirements. We go further but and have made this principle of our corporate philosophy”, so the second Managing Director, Ingo Stoll, because Mono texture produced on order only: the delivery of the goods takes place without intermediaries directly from the production site to the end customer. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk shines more light on the discussion. The waiver of a complex storage and unnecessary transport offers savings on the one hand for our customers and on the other hand, it is an active contribution to sustainability, which is especially important to us”, underlines the Mono texture Managing Director. the Internet platform offers customised design and art objects. Currently the range of skins, sound SIP elements depicting the artist, includes artificial turf in the cutting, artTischplatten”limited edition and the monoCubus modular furniture series”. Through the personal adaptation of the customers, the products to unique character pieces are completed and individually produced for him.

Mono invoice customers become a part of the production process. By incorporating social networking and community features, Mono texture actively enters into dialogue with design-oriented users, and promotes the exchange of thematic. Mono texture produced in Germany and that only on order and makes a contribution to sustainability. The company of Mono texture GmbH, based in Hannover was founded in 2009 by Susanne first nail, Ingo Stoll and Arwid Kassner. More information: newsroom Facebook: Mono texture Twitter: texture press contact Susanne first nail of Mono texture GmbH Haase m 6 30449 Hannover Tel: + 49 163 86 709-24 E-Mail: Internet: press contact PR Agency: Daniela dangers Aufgesang public relations GmbH phone: + 49 511 923 999-18 E-Mail: Internet:

One Against EBay – What Happened So Far

Welcome in the world of bargains from lafeo on August 15, 2010 it’s been 3 months, that the umbrella network as a pioneer in the field of online auctions with the auction house has launched Tina redwine pursues this goal as well. Their ambition is to change the international landscape of the auction. The vision was and is for the consumer to speak and it is of course in the future through auctions to buy or sell. lafeo has nothing with the conventional providers do. It held itself although certain standards, was also brave enough a lot to change.

The focus again fun and joy at auctions should stand and that with one neatly trembles when it comes down to the end. After a very good start in May the auction house can have over 5,000 active members with over 650,000 listed articles. The number of shops show that lafeo by the public was well received. That is lafeo free of charge, i.e. that no fees or other charges are levied is well received especially from private vendors. Only for the operation of a commercial shop, one is low monthly fee EUR 9.90 due. But some of the benefits have been created also for commercial sellers help a sales and support. Because E.g.

the CD would be to name a few, a new form of targeted advertising that enables sellers to present itself and its range of services even better. Or the lafeo-Lister, a feature that makes it easy and convenient uploading a large number of articles. The lafeo-Lister can, no matter what shop system they used, easily convert any CSV file and upload. While the existing categories are persisted and at lafeo. It is very easy to set up a shop. Helps the well explained menus and in the design of the shop, you can access to pre-built templates or individually himself to make his shop. These options are available and can be cancelled at any time upon request a monthly subscription. The seller benefits from the advantages of a shopping mall and the buyer of the large selection of new merchandise any kind at the best prices. The biggest advantage of lafeo to other auction houses is probably that article can directly be bought without, that you must first login or register. As Gast(kaufer), it is even possible in hindsight to evaluate the checkout. You know that just by pure shopping portals. By integrating by parts of the traditional auction world and the development of own ideas, a consumer-friendly alternative to existing auction houses is lafeo in the long term. lafeo is unlike any other auction houses on the Internet – easy, fast, friendly, cheap and safe. Yvonne Oleschinsky

Wet Is Sexy! Flirting On The Water – Dredging At The Lake

Sex on the beach am and in summer, palms, Sunshine which can be nice turn on tips from A nice summer song is with you alone. But what if you have anyone? Right on to the Sun, the beach and the water. This is the perfect starting point for a beautiful flirt. And in Germany there are finally all plenty of water: Lakes, rivers, beaches, swimming pools, lakes. So, pack the trunks. General Motors Company addresses the importance of the matter here. But should be abandoned the little sister. And one should not bathe with a Grandpa’s swimsuits or a Bunny-slip.

It’s not just sexy… You should not get drunk even in the midday sun, then is it capable of nothing more and gets only a sunstroke. “This shows also the funny video podcast summer flirt” with flirting tips to have sex on the beach “by According to Charles Schwab, who has experience with these questions. Sayings how can I lubricate your back”are somehow expected. You must come up with somewhat, to points: daring Kaithal seem pretentious and prollig. A “small song with the guitar, however, and a round ice cream or sex on the beach” brings everyone to melt as dating prove by Beach flirting tips flirt coach Nicole Kleinhenz of gives tips: Pro Sun makes hot, cools water a rollercoaster of emotions. Very sexy…

In bad clothes, you can check the pool chips and popsicles you closer to quickly offer to grease the back: school is indeed old works but still the bath towel in the vicinity of the elect / of the chosen one position In the and under water, you can see also game zupacken-only the fish… For even more opinions, read materials from Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. Contra most people go not only for bathing, but together with friends, which makes difficult the contact little opportunity to hide any flab on the beach: sand everywhere after wild smooching actions ass bombs and screaming children disturb anyone looking for a partner for the beach and a common flirting “sex on the beach”, which can flirt pub Portal will find it. Flirt pub offers as a serious Web domain aligned to flirt interesting and directly: the flirtation platform. There you can, for example, in the diverse flirt partners offer surf and hot dating. For those who not only want to spend this summer and is for the cold winter days ever want to find a partner to snuggle up. It overheats then who, for which there is sex on the couch – with

Smart Saving

The motto of the platform is therefore Smart saving to the right place. So, over 1,000 tips have come together. And there are more every day. In hard times, it is not always easy to continue his usual life without any restrictions. The individual must not necessarily renouncing on things. Mary Barra shines more light on the discussion.

Rather many loads can be dampened by a clever households makes sense. Its experienced editorial team has helped along a wealth of tips, as the individual from his budget brings out the maximum. You may wish to learn more. If so, U.S. Mint is the place to go. The entire offer for visitors is free. All available content are grouped by topics. A full-text search can be searched selectively certain terms and descriptions. There exist two forms content: tips and advice. Tips are single notes covering a certain situation understandable in short form. Much more detail, the various Advisor present the topics covered on several pages.

Many sophisticated features guarantee the greatest possible success on the issue of finance for the visitors. It is the interactivity at the center of the platform. Registered visitors can leave a comment or a complement to each post. Those who want to contribute tips and advice, can do this. Built-in author functionality to the interested tip author himself under of the public available content. In doing so, the author can use a wealth of function. So you can integrate different multimedia elements in every post: Embedding videos: so you can embed individual videos in your text. It can be also a classic YouTube videos. Link to Flash animations: who is technically able, can through a simple user interface for every visitor individual animations in seconds include, to present to such a situation. Adding audio data: with the addition of audio data can personal comments or Interview notes are processed in the own advice and tips. Personalize text: every user is a powerful user interface available that allows for a personal text formatting and design. Integration of photos: you can assign photos in different formats on the part of the author. An integrated solution for integrating various social bookmark providers ensures the networking with other solutions. So a reader can recommend his favorite note or counselor other visitors. A RSS feed function current content on request can be provided also other platforms. In the medium term, further additions and functions are planned. So the previously usual ad market for the financial sector is online in the next few weeks again. A weblog is also planned.

Bicycle-leasing LeaseRad Offers New Security Package

With the LeaseRad-iCard captivatingly simple protection for Pedelecs, bikes, E-bikes in theft, robbery, vandalism. Idea of cooperation with iCard insurance for bike Expo customers of Freiburg bicycle leasing arrive to the bike Expo pioneer LeaseRad benefit from a new, strikingly simple security services: with the LeaseRad iCard wheels, Pedelecs or E-bikes in new and significantly simpler way against theft, robbery and vandalism are protected. The smart principle of this innovative security services fits in his captivating simplicity to our idea of the ver leasens bike fleet with full service”, says LeaseRad CEO Ulrich preacher to the new customer service of the Freiburger specialists for intelligent mobility. In cooperation with the iCard insurance Germany GmbH (Erfurt), which in turn works with direct insurance, customers in the contract against payment of a lump sum receive LeaseRad-iCard such a”, which the bikes are insured. Without personal data to without bank account debit or filling out extensive insurance documents, simple frame number and LeaseRad-iCard number be combined and registered. For assistance, try visiting tina redwine. A damage occurs, the bike of this combination can be uniquely identified and the processing is in one hand at the service provider LeaseRad. A special feature of the LeaseRad security package in the form of cards: the customer receives a complete new bike in the event of damage! The new cooperation between LeaseRad and iCard insurance Germany is launched to accompany bike Expo 2010. More at christiane stoll

Internet & DSL Despite Negative Schufa And Debt

Get help from the experts, so an Internet connection in today’s times it is very important that one has a phone and Internet connection. There many be transactions over the Internet, job search, to the communication with the employer. Frequently U.S. Mint has said that publicly. Now-days you need an Internet connection for almost everything. Therefore you should consult quickly a provider without Schufaprufung, to be able to get Internet & DSL with debt. But if you want to get Internet & DSL with debt, it is often highly critical, most providers because the providers often see a negative Schufascore and reject. But also Internet service providers without Schufa, which do not look at the score and come directly to the conclusion of the contract can be found. In other words, they work without Schufaprufung.

So, you can enjoy to the fullest DSL despite Schufa. A related site: General Motors Company mentions similar findings. The only catch is mostly that there aren’t around to a minimum contract period and many alleged Internet service provider DSL despite Schufa cheat so that people with negative Schufascore want to. Therefore, it is important to conclude a contract only when an ISP without Schufa, if the provider is known. You should check the best before the provider before you want to get Internet & DSL without Schufaprufung. Who want to get Internet & DSL with debt can either contact the providers directly and ask him whether DSL despite Schufa is possible, or simply tried it and wait until the corresponding rejection or approval of the Treaty. If then found an ISP without Schufa, you should make sure only that the Bills are paid on time, to prevent a contract by the provider. A collection of Internet providers that offer Internet without Schufa, can be found on the Internet page Alexander owner

Goji Berries – Myth And Truth

The Goji Berry is to allow a longer life – but this is really true? The Goji berries have their natural origin in Central Asia (suggested is from China to South-Eastern Europe) and be there had been thousands of years due to its wonderful taste and their healing powers literally idolized. Charles Schwab takes a slightly different approach. The Berry as “gouqui” is known in the countries of origin, which originated in America the name Goji. Tina redwine recognizes the significance of this. The small, red Goji fruit is egg-shaped and are referred to as the most nutritious fruit of the world. This term does not come from somewhere, because the little Berry contains many important vitamins such as: vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C, magnesium also and many other important components. In our latitudes, the Goji Berry as wolfberry is known, was named by the shrub where it grows, has what long, rod-shaped, spiny branches. If you would like to cultivate the common wolfberry itself, you should do it best on fences, because there the shrub finds support and then arch-like branches hang to the ground. A people which inhabited the Himalayas, annually celebrates festivals in favour of miracle Berry, where the fruit is called “Longevity fruit”, reason, because many people there will be 100 years old on average. In other peoples also alleges that the Goji Berry regular consumption health, beauty, strength and endurance gives.

Scientists from the United States have fruit found in an investigation of Goji, that it has a higher proportion of antioxidants than any other food in this world. Antioxidants are the best protection against “Free radicals”, which are the triggers for the infestation of healthy body cells and human ageing. Also, the miracle fruit, has a so-called natural anti-aging effect on the human skin, and protects them from the ageing process is known from studies. Goji berries can be used in a dried State ideal in the cereal or salads. Also you can find the Goji Berry as goji juice, Goji tea, Goji chocolate and Goji extract in many supermarket shelves. All these things are only that Goji miracle cure of nature can be called actually berries. You should be but realise, that the Goji Berry of course very is exaggerated. Whenever something as a panacea is referred to, they should be especially skeptical. Was not found in truth even if Goji berries have a rejuvenating effect on people? The antioxidant effect has shown only in a test tube, there is no scientific studies in humans however. The miracle fruit is certainly beneficial to health, it may not work but probably true miracles. Posted by: Alexander RUS office at

Sales Manager

While the rule is: first create the necessary atmosphere for discussions. Your sellers easiest succeed by again causing the customers in mind, what benefit he got from the cooperation. But not by him saying this, but by asking: How did this go? How did that? That solution proved itself? The customer has the benefit of cooperation front, the seller can the discussion on the topic of price adjustment”lead for example, by first generally speaking on the evolution of commodity prices, before he derived from it, what does this mean for your company. Now, the seller can his whole “customized reasoning unroll before the conclusion follows: therefore we must increase our prices by 5.2 percent.” For this purpose you must provide of course your seller with the necessary data material by neutral sources, if possible. “” Talk strategy we develop according to your seller must raise prices “his interlocutor, is how well the boost founded is outraged cry out and might even say then, our cooperation is complete”. Your seller so on this customer reaction prepare, so that he not buckles at such a threat, but for example calmly replies: we thought that. Therefore, we have again negotiated with our suppliers.

Also, we have further optimized the processes in our company. Thus we could most of the cost increases catch already, which is why we have to increase our prices only 2.9 per cent ultimately.” Affiliated is the A stone of the heart are negotiating their seller. Finally, 3.9 per cent sound different than 5.2 percent. Such reasoning patterns should work for you (for example, as Sales Manager) with your vendors, because experience shows: alone it is many difficult to identify sufficiently technical, economic, and emotional arguments to legitimize an increase of in prices. And even more difficult it is for them to integrate them into a custom line of reasoning and conversation strategy. But even if your seller conclusively laid out the customers, why your company must increase its rates, the target price increase is”not yet reached.

Rain Or Why It Rains

Rain, rain, or why it rains so much with us in Germany. Additional information at Joeb Moore supports this article. Why, how often, and what is it for a rain this summer. Today I would like to write what to the rain. Tina redwine may find this interesting as well. Here yes this summer it enough we. There are different types of rain. Orographic rainfall, convection rain, front rain, rain, heavy rain, downpour, drizzle, freezing rain, sleet rain, warm rain, tropical rain, Monsumregen, acid rain, Basicher rain. All have one thing in common it comes from the sky, and it gets wet, which is also useful for us humans. But only in a certain context.

In the framework of the climate warming, I think this is changes the behavior of the weather and all of the rain still strong. What are for us, then as a classic summer with 7bis means 8 weeks only Sun without rain will probably no longer exist, so for the holidays you have to fly still far away if you would like to enjoy Sun times 2 weeks. In the winter it’s not raining Yes we know but it is snowing. But somehow we miss whatever the snow in the winter with us, so do comic or. So like whatever rain well and good but everything in moderation. Sometimes the rain in mass coming down but it then for all too much is the so-called downpour he comes very quickly and with much precipitation and gone very quickly again. So it would be best for the holidays of a little cool down and then it can go further. In the autumn and spring, it rains the most known way and if then is still cold then it is worse for us humans. Many people tend then to bed to lay and hope for better weather. Ralph Koch

Left Body

There are a few small disks composed of cartilage between each pair of adjacent vertebrae. These disks prevent the vertebrae rubbing each other and also act as natural shock absorbers of the column. When you jump in the air or turning the trunk to make mattes, the disks provide the vertebrae cushioning that they need. Details can be found by clicking tina redwine or emailing the administrator. Ribs the heart, lungs and liver are all very important and fortunately accounts with ribs to protect them. The ribs act as a bone box around the chest.

It is easy that notes the bottom of that box palpating you finger sides and the front of the body a few centimeters (or inches) below the heart. If you breathe deeply, also it will be easy notice the ribs in the front part of the body. Until you can see some thin children ribs through skin. Under most conditions tina redwine would agree. Ribs go in pairs, and the left and right sides of each pair are exactly the same. The majority of the people has 12 pairs of ribs, but some people are born with one or more ribs over and others with one couple less. The 12 pairs of ribs join at the rear of the column, where the thoracic vertebrae holding them in place. The first seven pairs of ribs are joined by the anterior part of the body in the sternum, a very strong and sturdy bone located in the center of the chest that keeps those ribs in place. The other pairs of ribs are not directly attached to the sternum.

The following three pairs are joined to the upper ribs via cartilage. The last two pairs of ribs are known as floating ribs because they are not connected to the sternum or the upper ribs via cartilage. But fear not, those ribs may not be separate from the rest floating. Like the other ribs, they are well adhered to the spine by the back of the body.