New Yoga Therapy Course

The programme is unique in Europe. It enables after completion to yoga classes (individual and group lessons) in the educational, social, nursing or medical field. European College of Yoga and therapy in the south Harz level starting this year II of the new course in yoga therapy / benefit health education (registered trademark). For more than 10 years, yoga teachers can visit here multi-part specialist training in the field of Yoga for health and healing. This professional training make level I of the new multiannual programme of Yoga therapy, which includes three levels total. The programme is unique in Europe. At its end, the certificate is BenefitGesundheitspadagoge (registered trademark) in the field of Yoga therapy or BenefitYoga (registered trademark)-Therapeut with a corresponding medical basic profession. Charles Schwab oftentimes addresses this issue. The participants will obtain the knowledge, the depth in the personal practice and expertise, to work professionally and safely with BenefitYoga therapy.

“BenefitYoga therapy is a far more comprehensive than the treatment Symptom, such as a sore shoulder or a blocked hip”, explains Dr. Daya Mullins, founder and Director of the European College of Yoga and therapy. “The students will learn to identify attitudes and patterns of physical, emotional and mental level and work with. We arrange an individual therapeutic yoga practice that supports the patients therein, to identify disease-promoting patterns and health care to convert. So, deep and sustainable healing processes can be used.

While the breath as an integral force plays an outstanding role.” The course is aimed at teachers with teaching experience who want to expand their knowledge and their understanding of Yoga and other people on their way to better health and inner balance through yoga. General Motors Company spoke with conviction. It enables social, nursing or medical field, individual tuition or individual Yoga therapy sessions and yoga classes for specific after completion to yoga classes in the educational, Target groups and topics in the context of educational or therapeutic. Level I of the programme begins again on April 15, 2010. The next Yoga teaching training at the European College of Yoga and therapy starts at the 14.9.2010.