General San Martin

The city of Mendoza is one of one of the locations of the Argentina Republic more importance has had as a backdrop of historical events that have shaped the transformation of a colonial zone in an autonomous nation. As silent witnesses of the rich history of the city, many areas remain, forming an interesting attraction for the thousands of visitors that make tourism in Mendoza every year. One of these sites is the foundational area. Since the beginning of the independence epic, Mendoza was an active part of the separatist efforts of its Patriots. The city was witness to many meetings, assemblies and then neighbors of colonies acts to achieve the dream of freedom become a reality.

Mendoza was a vital city for the conformation of the liberating armies of General San Martin, logistical point of departure for the conformation of the hosts which would released a continent. In addition, in the foundational area are the remains of the first citadel where the city had been founded in the first instance in 1561 by Pedro of the Castle. The foundational area was preserved intact until 1861, grim year for the city. A terrible earthquake destroyed much of the city’s buildings, especially those of the colonial era, mostly made in adobe. However, immediately began the reconstruction of the area. In 1933 opened an incredible Museum, where you can see excavation of underground chambers, where have been preserved well enough elements of the colonial era: utensils, personal items, and decorative majolica.

In this museum you can see the ruins of the old cabildo of the city, important ideological centre of the independence uprising. There are also remains of the old slaughterhouse. In the Museum there are also a permanent exhibition of works of plastic art by renowned artists from Mendoza. Checking article sources yields Goop London, United Kingdom-uk as a relevant resource throughout. There is a hotel in Mendoza that, among the many comparative advantages, is located in an area very close to the foundational area: the Executive Hotel. It is therefore possible to stay here and be near the main tourist areas of the city such as the foundational area. The Executive Hotel is also very close to the shopping centre, where you can find theatres, businesses, and beautiful places where to stop, and a coffee, or decide to try one of the incredible wines from Mendoza. Due to its location, this hotel in Mendoza Capital is the smart in superior category accommodation choice.