Caucasian Toasts At Wedding Feasts And Drinking

Old Caucasian wedding toast. 'Above the gray plain of the sea, was flying proudly petrel. That wing of the waves touching, then ' And at that very moment, on a mountain top, standing alone and proud ram – for him and watching his mouth open in surprise. 'Eh and Why do I have no wings? Would fly ' Pass by my dear lovely goat and flirtatious wag of its tail smiled at him. But the lonely mountain sheep, kept looking up, without noticing that the number of and lying under feet. Small and beautiful goat, again went to him and trying to start a conversation to learn about, quietly and coyly said: 'Bay-e' But our lone mountain sheep, turning proudly stood looking up and believing in my mind, birds, crows and petrels. Bodnuv him goodbye, goat gone forever I propose a toast to friends, that we would never have been such 'Baranami'. Three vicious circle.

Manka at home Vanya's not! Vanka home Manko no! Feel like a woman? – Look for the money! Find them, find them and a woman. Find a woman – the money will disappear! Break the vicious circle, throw that stupid dream – to give up women. And if you will, and women and money. Baba is – hut no! Hata is – women not? Cottage is Woman is – no money And now, gentlemen Hata is, a woman is, the money is there, cottage, villa, car should not be – Prostatitis! Lord, but why are you so all confused? Is not it all the turnover? So let us drink to all that we have in old age and no now! And if the Lord will hear our request, we'll get now – multiple sclerosis, hemorrhoids, and prostate.