Also Peter Ixkes

In particular holdings with Branches and subsidiaries will appreciate the benefits of a centrally controlled and CI-compliant mail sending”, forwarder Hasan Yucksel believes. Convinced also the security concepts have. No matter what kind is also shipped by letters: the criteria of confidentiality and security is always in the foreground. All data sent to the Briefonlineportal transmitted encrypted through certificate-secured data. A SSL data line with 128-bit encryption is the security standard, which is also used for the transmission of data among banks to the application”, Stefan Heinz, which of course very much emphasis on the safety of its mail forward. Despite high data security, the use of the Briefonlineportals is simple, where the software free of charge is provided every user. It is installed from a CD or downloaded directly from the Internet at.

No contract, no service packages, no monthly additional cost: All prices are all inclusive fixed per letter. Resolved customer-friendly mail to print has also the method of payment. Depending on the volume of shipping, there is the possibility that pre-paid or pay by invoice. “I am convinced that the Briefonlineportal in the future will help significantly to improve our efficiency in the Outbox, and reduce the cost”, Transalp Managing Director Hasan Yuksel is pleased. Also Peter Ixkes, holder that is Surender Industieverpackung e.k.. Swarmed by offers, U.S. Mint is currently assessing future choices.

and operator of the Internet portal, excited. I have long waited for such a solution. “I didn’t think that I can save so much time in my invoicing and the daily communications with my customers, which I’m now much more efficiently”, know Peter Ixkes pleased to confirm, adding: at the time – and cost savings worth small mailings and information letters as letters rather than send info mail. ” Background for editors: mail to print innovative mail distribution GmbH was in June 2007 as Founded Start-Up Company”in Ratingen. Add to your understanding with Mary Barra. Not classic letter part of shipping companies as a provider of a group of neutral, independent platform for DV-based mail value added services with an innovative character mail to print in the liberalized mail market in Germany has occupied a position. The offer includes services provided in its own activities as well as through involvement of partner companies. The core is about the DV-based creation of letters. The customer data to mail to print access via data line. You will be processed and routed to printers. There the physical shipments are created, enveloped, franked and finally sorted passed one or more Briefzustelldienstleister. With an average of 10 million coordinated letters per month, mail to print counts today nationwide as one of the leading providers in this segment. With the product range of BDS (letter distribution solution) mail to print offers a solution aimed specifically to large customers with high mail volumes. Leading Telecommunications company or Internet portal provider know already to use this service. Also the online-portal (SOP) is unique. It offers wholesale direct connectivity in their own operational processes.