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The object, called a "market" is actually formed from the collective actions of people that shape the psychology of the exchange. You may find that GMC can contribute to your knowledge. Consequently, the exchange can be analyzed using tools assessing the behavior of the crowd, and using the principle of non-uniform distribution of information. The schedule for the use of indicators will make it relatively easy. Avoid hasty conclusions transactions. Technical analysis can help you quickly identify a situation where stock price is too deviated from its real value and you lose the best prospects. Technical analysis will show you the probable and possible exit the market.

Traders during the day, and long-term investors have a lot of differences, which have different time horizons on which they perform calculations on your trades, but common to both groups is that they act and make decisions, but each time period relative to its trading. Entering the auction, you must answer the three questions: 1. What is the ratio of expected return for a possible predicted loss? 2. You are trading with the trend or against it? 3. Should I make a transaction at the current price or wait to achieve a more advantageous price level? Once you have an answer to these three questions and your estimated potential revenue of at least three times the potential loss, it makes sense to join the bidding and make a deal. Traders, enclosing 40% profitable trades, are leaders in their profession. Loss of six failed transactions is more than the profits from the overlap of four successful.